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Programme Coordinator

Expired on: Oct 11, 2023

Various Programmes: School of Marketing & School of Supply Chain

Reporting to

Executive Academic Head


The successful applicant will meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant Master’s or PHD degree
  • At least 5 years’ experience/development in the relevant field which would include:
    • 5 years’ Programme coordination and administration experience in a Higher Education environment
    • 5 years’ experience in Higher Education teaching/facilitation/training


The successful applicant will have the following competencies:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong research experience
  • Ability to collaborate with members at all levels of the institution


Overall goal:

Reporting to the Executive Academic Head, the successful candidate will manage all support matters related to planning, developing, administering and implementing activities for the management of academic qualification.  The successful candidate will be the primary management source for the academic Programmes and responsible for their successful delivery.

Operational Planning and Implementation of Programmes:

  • Coordinates academic Programme curricular changes and annual Programme assessment activities. 
  • Support planning and coordination of allocated academic Programme and its activities.
  • Keeps Programme on schedule and within budget.
  • Coordinates faculty teaching evaluation process.
  • Coordinates Programme operations timelines.
  • Make administrative decisions and judgements.
  • Adherence to timelines for the submission of learning materials and assessments.
  • Coordinates Programme communications to all stakeholders involved.
  • Coordinates staff, administrator and other stakeholder relationships.
  • Schedules, organises and monitors all Programme-related meetings and events.
  • Able to collect and analyse statistical information and write reports related to the Programme.
  • Create and maintain Programme records, reports, presentations, dashboards and proposals.

Learning and Teaching (L&T) Coordination:

  • Coordinate the updating of briefing documents and other documents relevant to lecturers and moderators in liaison with the Head of Department: Learning & Teaching (L&T).
  • Liaise with the L&T team on the Learning Resources, e.g. study guides, pacers, module teaching and lesson plans, briefing documents and ensure all stakeholders have been thoroughly briefed and managing the output of all stakeholders in terms of requirements and deadlines.
  • Liaise with the eLearn and assessment teams on semester requirements, deadlines and briefing documents, verification documents and AFRs and ensure all stakeholders have been thoroughly briefed and managing the output of all stakeholders in terms of requirements and deadlines.
  • Coordinate lecturer/tutor briefing on the MTP and lesson plans.
  • Liaise with the librarian and the L&T coordinator on textbook lists.
  • Coordinate lecturer and moderator on-boarding in liaison with the Head of Department: Learning & Teaching.
  • Supervise Programme team members (lecturers and moderators).
  • Oversee daily operations related to the academic Programmes.  Including setting of priorities for managing the Programme.
  • Maintain a strategic understanding of academic Programmes in relation to local and international competitors.
  • Support growth and Programme development.

Programme Quality Assurance:

  • Liaise with Head of Department: Quality Assurance on reports and Programme documentation.
  • Ensures the implementation of policies and procedures. 
  • Required to update Programme and module eFiles.
  • Prepare reports and Programme documentation.
  • Assist with Programme Review/s preparation inclusive of self-evaluation reports, evidence and finalising panel members.
  • In terms of the Programme, monitor to ensure the correct NQF levels.
  • Coherence between modules on the same level and scaffolding.
  • Ensure all Module Outcomes are aligned with Programme Exit-Level Outcomes.
  • Approve Programme specific marketing material.
  • Ensure that documents, as required from the CHE and other regulatory bodies, are continuously updated.

Liaison role:

  • Assists in the development, editing and dissemination of written communication.
  • Efficiently use all forms of digital communication.
  • Taking, writing up, filing and dissemination of minutes where required.
  • Serves as a primary point of contact for the Programme.
  • Help build relations with lecturers and academic team members.
  • Ensure eLearn and IMM Graduate School technology is used correctly (by external parties such as lecturers) for all operations related to the Programme.
  • Communicate and manage lecturer outputs and deadlines for these outputs.
  • Liaise with the team of SME (subject matter experts -lecturers, moderators and industry experts) who develop the curriculum, learning material and assessments.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting

  • Assist with the development of the annual academic strategy (including budget planning and action plans etc.)
  • Competitor analysis: Maintains ongoing monitoring of similar Programmes offered by competitors.
  • Assists with the creation – and management of Programme budgets.
  • Monitoring and managing budgets and tracking expenditures and transactions.
  • Coordinate the processing of invoices from independent contractors (lecturers etc.).

Industry relevance/ Connectedness

  • Ensure that the Programme is relevant to the workplace, as well as recognised by leading organisations and industry boards as industry-standard.
  • Ensure the Programme is designed together with industry, to ensure that students learn the skills employers are looking for – now, and in the future.
  • Conduct Delphi exercises annually with industry experts.
  • Use Atlas.ti or any other software to analyse the qualitative data- the data should inform curriculum development.

Programme Reporting and Dashboards

Report on the following data as part of continuous monitoring and evaluation of Programme:

  • Headcount
  • Throughput rates 
  • Programme success rates 
  • Graduate outcomes output (Alumni tracking)
  • At risk students
  • Details of Academic staff
  • Student performance in their assessments (results)
  • Participation (eLearn engagement)

Module Management / Lecturing / Supervision  Head Lecturer at least one module.

  • eStudy Guide: o Write an independent (not textbook dependent) interactive eStudy Guide based on the Programme Exit-Level Outcomes and the Module Outcomes.
    • Include self-assessment exercises and answers. This should include the development of all eLearn content integrated with the eStudy Guide and include interactive quizzes with answers to be used on eLearn (generally every three years, minor updates are to be done annually to ensure relevance).
  • Assessments:
    • Set the following assessments and marking guidelines for both the 1st and 2nd semester of every academic year, ensuring that there is an alignment between the Programme Exit-Level Outcomes and the Module Outcomes:
      – Formative assessment 1 and 2 question papers and marking guidelines.
      – Examination and supplementary examination question papers and marking guidelines.
      – Internally moderate marked assessments when required.
    • Conduct marker briefing sessions (1 x assignment, 1 x examination session, 1 x supplementary examination) where required and where multiple markers are used per module.
    • Marking of assessments (minimum of 50% of assessments for modules with less than 400 registered students per semester)
      – Assignments (2 formative assessments per semester)
      – Examination & Supplementary Examination
    • Prepare feedback for Verification Meetings  Teaching: o Lecturing at Parktown Campus as per HyFlex teaching & learning approach
    • OR o Supervise Honours and Master’s Students and produce Institutional Research and Academic Research.

Deadline Adherence

  • Complete all tasks and activities by the deadlines specified in the Institutional calendar.
  • Ensure that any additional study material is uploaded onto eLearn prior to the commencement of the semester.

Research Outputs

  • Thought leadership: Mainstream press articles in SME’s field 1 per semester.
  • One article every semester for an industry profile publication or symposium or conference.
  • One research paper for peer reviewed Academic Journals per annum.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews within one week of the closing date.

Commencement date

As soon as possible

Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Parktown - Johannesburg
Sorry! This job has expired.