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Marketing Qualifications

Marketing Qualifications

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Marketing

The core intention of a Master’s Programme is to equip students with specialised knowledge through research training. It also provides sound training in research methodologies, and equips you to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, so that you can make sound judgements using data and information at your disposal.

Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Honours in Marketing Management

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that students effectively understand and implement the set of decisions and actions that will result in the formulation and implementation of a strategic marketing plan, designed to achieve an organisation’s objectives. This will involve the planning, directing, organising and controlling of marketing strategy-related decisions and actions.

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

To create a platform which will provide an opportunity to those with some academic marketing knowledge with expanded insight, understanding and practical skills about marketing – from idea conceptualisation to the development, launch and maintenance of marketing plans and programmes for contributing to the achievement of the strategic business objectives of the organisation.

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Marketing and Management Science

The purpose of this quali­fication is to provide students with a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the principles, major theories and paradigms, skills, methods and technology of the science and profession of the ­field of marketing, management and supply chain. It further aims to develop applied economic, management, supply chain and marketing skills, as well as generic cross-functional knowledge and skills.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing Management

The main purpose of the qualification is to empower qualifiers with graduate-level knowledge, specific skills and applied competence in the field of Marketing Management to enable them to pursue practical and rewarding careers in the marketing business environment. The purpose of the qualification is also to provide graduates competence in marketing, business management and financial management.

Diploma in Marketing Management

The purpose of this programme is to instil and broaden students’ marketing knowledge, business management knowledge, and the application thereof, in terms of the principles, theories, thought-schools, methods and application processes involved in the various ­fields required in the core marketing management function.

Higher Certificate in Marketing

The purpose of the programme is to provide students, qualifying with the certificate, with a broad but elementary knowledge of marketing as well as business concepts, guiding students through the entry-level application of these concepts. It further provides students with the basic knowledge to structure the organisation effectively to deliver products, product-related services and services, providing value to customers, motivate purchases and fulfill customer needs.