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Admission Criteria for the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

Admission Criteria for the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

  • An appropriate and recognised three-year qualification on NQF level 7 from an accredited provider of higher education, preferably with Marketing as a major.
  • In the case that a potential student’s undergraduate qualification does not include Marketing as a major and they have at least five years appropriate marketing or marketing-related experience, the student would have to complete Marketing 2 as an access module. Students should achieve at least 65% for Marketing to gain access to the Postgraduate Diploma. Students will have one semester to complete the access module.
  • A CV and motivational letter are required.

Applicants are required to complete the Postgraduate Application form for admission for the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, which together with certified copies of educational certificates, identity/passport documents, a letter of motivation and a CV, should be returned via eMail or hand deliver.

A non-refundable deposit (see fee structure) must accompany the application form. Applicants may be required to attend a selection interview at the discretion of the IMM Graduate School.

* No credit transfers for modules will apply for RPL. RPL will only apply for access to programmes


To create a platform which will provide an opportunity to those with some academic marketing knowledge with expanded insight, understanding and practical skills about marketing – from idea conceptualisation to the development, launch and maintenance of marketing plans and programmes for contributing to the achievement of the strategic business objectives of the organisation.  This is, therefore, a qualification aimed at people entering the business or professional marketing environment, people at a specific developmental stage in their careers, or at the phase in their personal development when they already have suitable knowledge, training and qualifications in their specific field of knowledge but lacking an in-depth marketing background.  The Programme provides a practical opportunity for students to ensure a personal competitive advantage while broadening their career prospects.