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Unlocking Supply Chain Resilience: The Impact of Small Business Partnerships

Modern business operations require resilient supply chains. The need of forming partnerships—especially with small businesses—to fortify supply chains against interruptions will be discussed in this blog article. Our aim is to illustrate how these collaborations can enhance flexibility, increase output, and foster growth in the dynamic supply chain environment by looking at the joint ventures […]

The Impact of Winter Weather on Supply Chains: Insights from South Africa

The peculiar supply chain problems presented by South Africa’s winter weather have an effect on enterprises’ operations. Weather-related elements, such as rain and cooler temperatures, have an impact on inventory management, logistics, and transportation. To successfully traverse these challenges, strategic preparation and modifications are necessary. This blog delves into the difficulties encountered by South African businesses […]

Empowering Youth through Purpose-Driven Marketing Initiatives

Using purpose-driven marketing campaigns to empower young people is a revolutionary strategy that not only recognises their potential but also improves communities. We explore projects that not only have an impact but also encourage good change as we explore the world of marketing campaigns that align with the spirit of Youth Month in South Africa. […]

Captivating the South African Audience: TikTok Marketing Strategies for Success

Thanks to its fresh and innovative online experience, TikTok has become a powerful marketing tool and has built a huge user base. In South Africa, TikTok’s user base is constantly growing, which means marketers are utilising this platform more often to engage with consumers. This blog will explore how TikTok marketing has grown in South […]

Business Leader: Denzil Steyn

Read the full interview and biography of Denzil Steyn, Managing Director of Intellisec South Africa, and find out what makes this industry leader tick! To read the full article, click here. https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/denzil-steyn-2024-05-10

Ethics in Marketing – Just Because You Can, Should You?

With dozens of communications channels now mainstream, consumers have shown an insatiable appetite for new content. This has allowed communications and marketing professionals to issue random communications about any of the latest trending topics to as many people as possible. But one question still continuously pops up: What are the ethical implications of these marketing […]

A Man Who Knows About Marketing

Having opened a tiny furniture shop back in 1972, Hugh Mathie, from Mathie Brothers, began what would become a long-standing business venture built on the foundations of an exceptional marketing strategy that would later see him awarded the Marketing Man of the Year from the South African Institute of Marketing Management. To find out more […]

African Marketing Confederation Unveils Reconstituted President’s Council

The African Marketing Confederation has announced the details of its reconstituted AMC President’s Council after long-standing Secretary General and AMC founder, Gillian Rusike, stepped down. Now, David Balikuddembe steps into the role, with expectations high for this new era of the AMC. To read more about this monumental shift in the African marketing landscape, read […]

South Africa’s Top Empowered Companies

At a time when South Africa grapples with the implementation of rapid economic transformation, the top empowered companies in the country stand tall. Assessed by the seven pillars of empowerment, Impumelelo’s top empowerment list uses a rigorous set of criteria to separate the best from the rest! To learn about these criteria, and where to […]

From Brand to Ballot Box: Marketing Strategies to Help Politicians Win Elections. 

With a record number of national election campaigns globally this year, politicians and marketers can learn much from each other. Politicians excel in persuasion, storytelling and personal branding, which marketers can adopt to connect better with their audience. Marketers’ use of research, consistent messaging, and objective metrics can help politicians understand and engage their electorate […]

Understanding the Impact of Meta Crashes on Businesses and Influencers

Social media platforms have become indispensable to businesses and influencers alike to reach their audiences, endorse their products and services, and kindle engagement. Amidst these platforms, Meta, previously known as Facebook, emerges as one of the biggest and most impactful. Despite its size and power, Meta is susceptible to technical hitches and sporadic crashes, which […]

The Power of Storytelling in South African Marketing Campaigns

In the vibrant expanse of South African marketing, amidst the mosaic of cultures, tongues, and customs, one instrument emerges as notably successful: storytelling. From the dusty roads of Soweto to the bustling markets of Johannesburg, storytelling transcends its role merely as a conduit for communication, manifesting as a potent force that moulds perceptions, kindles passions, […]

The Fashion Industry’s Supply Chain Challenges

The world of fashion, often hailed as a space full of allure and dynamism, encounters its own set of trials. These trials mostly consist of supply chain issues. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, companies across various sectors struggled with significant disruptions in their supply chains, leaving major impacts on consumers. The unavailability of products that were […]

Supply Chain: The Work Paris 2024 Put in to Make the Olympics a Success

As the event planner, Paris 2024 relies on its partners and suppliers for many of the resources and equipment required to host the Olympic Games. They have therefore established a conscientious buying strategy and have set lofty goals. They are breaking new ground by improving the standards for calls for tenders and the criteria to […]

Revolutionising Digital Marketing: Rogerwilco’s AI-Based Neuroscience Product

Staying ahead in the digital marketing game is incredibly important for both agencies and brands, and this is what Rogerwilco is trying to do. Rogerwilco, a top-notch digital customer experience agency, is leading the charge into a whole new era of marketing. They’ve teamed up with Ergon Neuroscience to bring in a new, high-tech tool […]

How Supply Chain Dynamics Will Impact Decision Making for Oil and Gas Companies

In 2024, the oil and gas industry is in for a rollercoaster ride of challenges and changes, especially with how things play out this year. Picture this: there’s tension brewing all over the world, and we’re also in the midst of a big movement towards cleaner energy. For oil and gas companies, this means they’re […]

The 10 Most Important Qualities of Supply Chain Leadership

Effective leadership within supply chain has never been more crucial. Those who oversee planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and recycling, while guiding their teams through these pivotal tasks, are some of the unsung heroes of our global economy. With ongoing challenges like extreme weather, supply shortages, conflicts, pandemics, and more, organisations must transcend mere disruption management […]

The Double-Edged Sword of AI in Digital Marketing: Tales of Backfired Strategies

In the area of digital marketing, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has positioned itself as a robust comrade, vowing to elevate operational effectiveness, furnish pinpointed discernments, and administer customised encounters for users. Nevertheless, amid the scurry to harness the potential of AI utilities, certain entities in the digital marketing sphere have encountered unforeseen tribulations […]

Why Gen Z Could Excel as Future Supply Chain Managers

In the domain of logistics administration, the upcoming group of pioneers, frequently called Generation Z (Gen Z), are primed to leave a substantial mark on the industry. Born between the later 1990s and the early 2010s, Gen Z individuals have come of age in a milieu moulded by swift technological progress, globalisation, and consciousness regarding […]

Rethinking the Throne: Why Content Isn’t King Anymore in Marketing

The saying “content is king” has echoed throughout marketing circles for years. But does it still hold true in today’s digital era? Let’s explore why the idea of “content is king” and content reigning supreme is encountering a substantial challenge, and why marketers must adjust their approach to content generation. Before we proceed, let’s clarify […]

Feminine Forces in the Supply Chain: How to Create More Opportunities for Women in the Industry

International Women’s Day is on Friday, March 8, 2024, and at the IMM Graduate School, we believe it is essential to shed light on the frequently underestimated yet profoundly influential role of women in the supply chain sector. Traditionally viewed as male-dominated, the supply chain encompasses intricate networks spanning production, distribution, and logistics. Nonetheless, perceptions […]

Beyond the Screen: Why AI Shouldn’t Write Your Assignments

The infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) into diverse parts of our daily existence has gained traction due to progress in technology. From virtual aides akin to ChatGPT to sophisticated algorithms like recommendation systems, AI has indeed revolutionised numerous sectors, providing effectiveness, convenience, and ingenuity. Nevertheless, amidst the growing dependence on AI, it is crucial to […]

Love is Love: The Importance of Including Diversity in Your Valentine’s Day Campaign

Valentine’s Day has changed over time, as society has changed, and so have the expectations from marketing campaigns based on this special day. The world is more openly diverse and it is now important for brands to show inclusivity in their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Beyond the traditional idea of romance, which has shown us […]

Project Management: Life Skills That Can Also Boost Your Career

It has become even more important to acquire capabilities that go beyond conventional occupational boundaries. A particular domain of proficiency that holds immense value, both within corporate settings and personal spheres, is project management. The proficiency in devising plans, organising tasks, communicating adeptly, handling time efficiently, and resolving issues effectively constitutes the bedrock of project […]

The Red Sea Crisis in The Supply Chain: Shippers Face Huge Ocean Shipping Rates

In the extensive landscape of worldwide commerce, the Red Sea has become a point of concern, impacting the foundations of the interconnected supply chain. This blog explores the intricate network of geopolitical and environmental factors that have converged to create a complex situation in the Red Sea region. As we navigate through the intricacies of […]

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with IMM Graduate School in the Month of Love

As we step into February, a month associated with affection, it’s an opportune time to explore and appreciate the factors that make developing a strong appreciation for IMM Graduate School not only effortless but remarkably fulfilling. Let’s delve into the captivating world of the IMM Graduate School and unveil the top 10 reasons that transform […]

10 Reasons why project management is important to organisations in 2024

The significance of project management is pivotal in the world of business. Whether dealing with a modest undertaking or a substantial transformation, adept project management stands as the bedrock of organisational triumph. In this blog post, we delve into ten persuasive reasons showing the indispensability of project management for organisations. Our focus will revolve around […]

The Power of Blended Learning with The IMM Graduate School

In today’s fast-paced world, education has undergone a significant transformation, adapting to the diverse needs and preferences of learners. Among leading institutions like UNISA, Vega, Boston College, Damelin, Oxbridge, University of Johannesburg (UJ), and University of Cape Town (UCT), one institution leading this educational revolution is the IMM Graduate School. They are doing so by […]

Mastering Digital Marketing Trends in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

As we step into digital marketing in 2024, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for business success. The landscape is evolving rapidly, influenced by emerging marketing technologies and consumer behaviour shifts. To navigate this ever-changing terrain, it’s imperative to understand and leverage the latest trends 2024 promises to bring. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll […]

Cold Chain Logistics: Navigating the Unique Challenges of Temperature-Sensitive Products

In the intricate world of supply chain management, where efficiency is paramount, the challenges become even more pronounced when dealing with temperature-sensitive products. The demand for maintaining precise temperature control throughout the entire supply chain has given rise to what is known as “cold chain logistics.” In this blog, we will explore supply chain challenges, […]

Blockchain and Marketing: Decentralising Strategies for 2024

The integration of blockchain technology has emerged as a game-changer in the marketing arena. The way blockchain and marketing interact is not just a buzzword but a transformative force reshaping how businesses interact and engage with their consumers. As we step into 2024, the profound impact of decentralised ledgers on advertising, data privacy, and customer […]

The Rise of Live Streaming in Marketing: Engaging Your Audience in Real-Time

In today’s swiftly transforming digital milieu, maintaining an edge in the marketing sphere involves more than merely displaying your products or services. It entails crafting an engaging and interactive experience for your audience. A tool that has gained traction in the marketing arena is live streaming. This method of delivering content has altered the landscape, […]

The Human Element in Supply Chain: How Soft Skills Impact Success

In supply chain management, where technological advancements and automation are becoming the norm, the human touch remains an indispensable element. It is the supply chain soft skills of professionals that grease the wheels of supply chain management, ensuring a seamless flow of operations. Let’s explore the importance of supply chain soft skills in supply chain […]

Marketing Fails and Lessons Learned: What Not to Do in Your Campaigns

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, success often comes hand-in-hand with experimentation. However, not every campaign hits the mark, and some even end up becoming case studies about what not to do. In this exploration of marketing failures, we will delve into some notable blunders from both South African and international brands. By dissecting the […]

A Day in the Life of a Supply Chain Manager

When it comes to business operations, the role of a Supply Chain Manager emerges as a linchpin in ensuring success. This blog offers a peek into the job description and daily grind of these professionals, unveiling the intricacies of their responsibilities, challenges, and triumphs. The Job Description Supply chain managers keep track of logistics, update […]

The Future of Education: How Online Learning is Shaping Tomorrow

In our fast-paced digital era, the landscape of education is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days when traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms held a monopoly on knowledge dissemination. Instead, we find ourselves in an age where online learning has heralded a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and engage with education. At the forefront […]

The Evolving Role of Marketing: Is it just for the Marketing Department?

In the fast-paced realm of business, the traditional perception places marketing responsibilities firmly within the confines of a specific department within organisations. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, the very essence of marketing has undergone a substantial transformation. It is no longer relegated to the exclusive domain of a particular department; instead, it has emerged […]

Data-Driven Supply Chain Management: A Game Changer for Modern Businesses

In the fast-moving world of modern business, maintaining a competitive advantage and operational efficiency is paramount. Embracing data-driven supply chain management is a vital element that can revolutionise operations, enhance efficiency, and sharpen a company’s competitive edge. Unlocking the Power of Data in Supply Chain Management Data, the lifeblood of modern business operations, is integral […]

Choosing Your Path: Marketing vs. Supply Chain Management After School

Selecting the right career path after school is a pivotal decision, one that can shape your future. In this blog, we will explore two compelling options – Marketing as well as Supply Chain Management – shedding light on their career prospects, job roles, and growth potential. We’ll also discuss how a qualification from IMM Graduate […]

The Great Chicken Wars: Analysing Pedro’s Bold Ad Campaign and Its Impact on Fast Food Marketing

In the cutthroat world of fast food, where giants like McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King reign supreme, it takes a special kind of marketing genius to stand out. Pedro’s, a relatively small player in the fast food industry, did just that. Their audacious advertising campaign during the infamous “Chicken Wars” not only turned heads but […]

Supply chain trends expected for 2024: Opportunities with IMM Graduate School’s supply chain qualifications.

The realm of supply chain management undergoes constant evolution, moulded by technological progress, global occurrences, and shifts in consumer expectations. As we approach the year 2024, it becomes increasingly crucial for practitioners within this domain to maintain their competitiveness by envisioning and adapting to emerging patterns. Within this composition, we shall explore the principal currents [...]

Navigating the talent shortage in supply chain: The IMM Graduate School advantage

In the present globalised economy, the supply chain plays a vital role in various industries. It encompasses tasks from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, making its effective management crucial for a company’s competitiveness and profitability. However, a significant challenge has arisen in recent years: a shortage of skilled professionals in this field. In […]

Exploring the transformations of ‘X’ (formerly Twitter)

In the constantly evolving world of social media, ‘X,’ previously recognised as Twitter, has undergone substantial metamorphoses and adaptations that have left advertisers and users equally captivated and at times perplexed. These alterations have not only reconfigured the platform but have also wielded a notable influence on contemporary marketing methodologies. In this blog, we will […]

The difference between a Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in International Supply Chain Management

In today’s interconnected global economy, without well managed supply chain systems, businesses will struggle and eventually die. With the rapid expansion of international trade and the growing complexity of logistics networks, professionals in the field of supply chain management are in high demand. Aspiring supply chain managers looking to enter this dynamic domain often face […]

Navigating the dark: Loadshedding’s ripple effect on South Africa’s supply chains

In the realm of supply chain management, where efficiency and precision are paramount, disruptions can send shockwaves through even the most finely-tuned systems. One such disruption that has cast its shadow over the supply chains of South Africa is loadshedding. This blog delves into the intricate web of challenges that loadshedding poses to supply chains, […]

Locked in or opting out? The transparency debate in subscription services

In an era dominated by digital innovation, subscription models have become the cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. From streaming services to software packages, subscription-based offerings have reshaped the way we consume products and services. While these models offer convenience and flexibility, they have also raised questions about transparency, customer choice, and the ethics of lock-in […]

Exploring the pros and cons brand activism in today’s social landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving social landscape, where public sentiment is more vocal and visible than ever before, brands find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to addressing social and political issues. This phenomenon, known as brand activism, involves companies taking a clear stance on matters ranging from climate change and equality to human rights […]

Unveiling the Hidden Heroes: How Supply Chains Shape Our Everyday Lives and Unlock Career Opportunities

Behind the scenes of every product we use, every meal we eat, and every package we receive, there is a complex network of interconnected activities known as the supply chain. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished goods, supply chains play a crucial role in shaping our everyday lives. In this blog, we will unveil […]

Uncovering the Success Story: How PRIME Drink Mastered Influencer Marketing

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative strategies that captivate and engage consumers. One such strategy that has gained significant traction is influencer marketing. Leveraging the power of social media influencers, brands can reach their target audience more effectively and create authentic connections. In this blog, we will delve […]

The difference between a Higher Certificate in Marketing Management and a Diploma in Marketing Management

When considering further education possibilities, it is important to understand the differences between the options you are looking at like a Higher Certificate and Diploma for example. Both qualifications offer valuable knowledge and skills, but they have distinct characteristics that cater to different educational and career goals. Here we will explore the features of a […]

Empowering Women in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management plays a crucial role in the success of businesses worldwide. It involves the coordination and integration of various activities, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product to customers. While historically dominated by men, the field is now witnessing a positive shift towards empowering women and creating a more inclusive supply […]

The significance of recognition in your career

Recognition holds immense value for working professionals. It serves as a validation of their efforts, skills, and knowledge, propelling them toward success and opening doors for opportunity. In the world of education, IMM Graduate School stands as a reputable institution that offers accredited and internationally recognised qualifications, amplifying the significance of recognition for its students. […]

Readiness: Unlocking success in academia and the workplace

Being ready is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development for tertiary education students and working professionals alike. It sets the foundation for success and allows individuals to navigate their academic journeys and careers with confidence. One way to get ready for the working world of marketing, supply chain or business is by getting […]

From Knowledge to Relevance: Building a Path to Long-Term Success

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the concept of relevance has taken on a whole new level of significance for students and professionals alike. Being relevant means being closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered. It means fitting the role or responsibility presented. It is important to be relevant and remain […]

Being in demand: Here’s what the IMM Graduate School can offer you.

As a student and working professional, you want to be in demand, and with an IMM Graduate School qualification you can be. Being in demand means being qualified and sought after for occupations that are currently experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. It means having the skills, knowledge, and qualifications that employers are actively seeking. […]

What’s all the hype about a Postgraduate Qualification in Marketing?

As the business world continues to evolve, marketing professionals are constantly seeking ways to stay relevant and competitive. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by pursuing a postgraduate marketing qualification. But what exactly is a postgraduate marketing qualification, and why is it so highly regarded in the industry? This blog will […]

The difference between a BCom in Marketing Management and a BBA in Marketing Management

When it comes to pursuing a career in marketing, there are several paths you can take. One of the most common routes is to obtain a marketing management qualification from a reputable institution like The IMM Graduate School. However, choosing the right degree can be challenging, especially when two similar-sounding programmes, such as a BCom […]

Careers in marketing and supply chain when you qualify

Marketing and supply chain management are two critical fields in business that are essential for the smooth running of any organisation. Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services to customers, while supply chain management involves the coordination and management of all the activities involved in the production and delivery of products […]

6 personal goals to advance your career and step up in life

Personal goals can have a significant impact on your life like influencing your attitude and accountability. They can help you to become more effective in your life. Setting these goals means deciding where you want to be and making a plan to get there. An example would be setting career development goals that result in […]

Combine two fields for success in both.

The Power Duo: How Supply Chain Managers and Marketing Managers Collaborate for Business Success In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s more important than ever for supply chain managers and marketing managers to work together closely. By collaborating effectively, these two critical functions can drive business success and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. At […]

Qualify yourself to succeed in supply chain management

The Importance of Qualifying your Experience in Supply Chain Management: Setting Yourself Up for Success Supply chain management is a complex and rapidly evolving field that requires a diverse set of skills and experience. Whether you are just starting your career as a supply chain manager or are looking to take your skills to the […]

Take advantage of artificial intelligence’s opportunities and challenges

The Age of Artificial Intelligence Marketing In the digital age, technology is transforming every industry, and marketing is no exception. With the rise of artificial intelligence, marketers have a powerful new tool at their disposal. Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is changing the way companies approach marketing, enabling them to reach customers in new and innovative […]

6 Professional Goals to Advance your Career and Step Up in Life

Getting ahead in life is like planning a road trip. Getting packed and filling up the car doesn’t usually happen without a destination in mind. In the same breath, advancing your career and stepping up in life can only happen with a plan and goals in mind. To get there you need to know where […]

Top careers in Supply Chain Management

In today’s globalised economy, supply chain management has become an essential aspect of many businesses. It involves coordinating and managing all activities involved in producing and delivering goods and services to customers. It encompasses everything from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products to customers. With the growth of e-commerce and the increasing demand for […]

Most sought-after careers in Marketing

Marketing is a dynamic field that requires individuals with strong analytical, communication, and creative skills. This industry is constantly evolving, and new opportunities are arising as consumer behaviour and technologies change. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most sought-after careers in marketing. Digital Marketing Manager As more and more businesses focus on […]

How AI Tools are Revolutionising Marketing: The Benefits of Automation, Personalisation, and Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the game for marketers in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital landscape. With the use of AI tools, marketers can streamline their marketing efforts and achieve better results through automation, personalisation, and data analysis. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of these tools in marketing and how they are […]

Exploring the Latest Supply Chain Trends: Digitalisation, Sustainability, and Resilience

In recent years, the supply chain industry has seen a significant shift towards digitalisation, sustainability, and resilience. With the pandemic highlighting the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by global supply chains, companies are now investing more in technology, sustainability, and risk management strategies. In this blog, we will explore the latest supply chain trends and their […]

The Impact of Social Media on Traditional Marketing Strategies

Social media has become an integral part of modern life, and its impact on traditional marketing strategies has been immense. In the past, businesses relied on traditional channels such as print advertisements, billboards, and television commercials to reach their target audience. Today, social media has changed the marketing landscape, giving businesses a new platform to […]

The Impact of AI on Supply Chain Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been transforming various industries, and supply chain management is no exception. AI is having a profound impact on the way businesses manage their supply chains, enabling them to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall profitability. In this blog, we will explore the impact of AI on supply chain management and […]

The Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

Blockchain technology is changing the way businesses operate and manage their supply chains. By providing a secure and transparent ledger of transactions, blockchain has the potential to revolutionise supply chain management, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing overall profitability. In this blog, we will explore the adoption of blockchain technology in supply chain management and […]

IMM Graduate School – Catering for Every Student’s Needs and Personalities

At the IMM Graduate School, we cater for every student no matter their needs or personalities. With our array of study options, we give our students the flexibility to make the most of their time with us. Find out which type of student you are and see just how the IMM Graduate School caters to […]

The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Supply Chain Operations

Industry 4.0, which includes the integration of advanced technologies such as automation, the IoT, and artificial intelligence, is impacting supply chain operations in many ways. The benefits of moving to a completely automated, digital, and networked supply chain are enormous, even if it will take a lot of work and time. Supply chain optimisation can […]

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals who have a large following on social media platforms to promote a brand or product. This strategy has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows businesses to reach new audiences and tap into the credibility and trust that influencers have built with their followers. Let’s find out […]

Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Operations

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming the way that businesses operate, including supply chain management. Digital transformation’s gradual emergence and the ongoing development of several work process technologies have given rise to new aspects. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices has profoundly affected the operational efficiency of the supply chain. […]

Data-driven marketing

With the increasing amount of data available, businesses are using data to inform their marketing strategies and make better decisions. This includes using data analytics to track customer behaviour, website traffic, and social media engagement, as well as using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimise marketing campaigns. A marketing degree would provide […]

What is the future of marketing graduates?

Marketing is a broad career category, and the role of a marketing manager or professional varies greatly depending on the company and industry in which they work. Ask any marketing manager or professional what they do at work, and they'll give you different answers. Marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all job, and its role is [...]

The importance of marketing in the 21st century

Marketing is an important part of doing business. The majority of businesses cannot survive without marketing efforts. Marketing can be defined as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that value customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In the 21st century, digital marketing has become the main [...]

Marketing during a crisis – How brands should determine whether to pause a campaign

When the world grapples with the aftermath of a natural disaster, a domestic terrorist attack, or a global pandemic, brands may need to "pause" their marketing efforts. Read the room properly so as not to appear selfish, tone-deaf, or opportunistic. It's beautiful when they nail it. If they don’t, the results can be dire. Brands [...]

Emerging supply chain jobs for the future

Supply chains around the globe are recovering after the major disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. With this recovery comes evolution and new processes that aim to improve and fix issues within global supply chains. Because of this, businesses in the supply chain will need professionals with new skills to fill out new roles [...]

Manufacturers need to rethink supply chain visibility

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about major, unprecedented supply chain disruptions. This has led to many manufacturers finding short-term solutions to fixing the disruptions. This entails planning for longer lead times or filling up their supplies. One of the major issues has become a lack of visibility regarding their suppliers’ operations. With the supply chain crisis [...]

Mass Marketing has its pros and cons but can it keep up in a digital world?

Gone are the days when brands became household icons overnight, and now, marketers are looking for new ways to connect with potential customers. Over the years, consumers have developed entirely new and more sophisticated shopping habits. Mass marketing peaked ten years ago when advertising opportunities were limited to targeted and differentiated marketing. Times have changed. [...]

10 ways e-commerce businesses can overcome supply chain disruption

In recent years, the resilience of the e-commerce supply chain has been tested like never before. One of the biggest challenges has been the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in prolonged lockdowns and disruptions worldwide. The issue of global supply chains has received a lot of attention recently. Consumers have been advised to start shopping [...]

4 lessons Nando’s can teach us about successful marketing

Nando's highly profitable restaurant franchise has grown steadily since its inception in South Africa in 1987. Today, the chain has over 1,000 stores worldwide and trades in over 20 countries. For many, Nando's epitomises smart marketing in South Africa. The brand's hilarious advertising and social media presence have made many businesses envious of its marketing [...]

Supply chain trends 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions within supply chains and worsened issues supply chains had already been facing. This year, supply chains have had to work towards recovering from the pandemic and reaching stability. This has affected the supply chain trends for 2023. Other factors affecting the trends are inflation, decreased consumer spending, and increased [...]

Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2023

Digital marketing is the future of marketing and continues to grow each year. According to a Forrester report, globally, the digital marketing sector will spend over R2,5 trillion. Although brands and marketers are placing more importance and money on digital marketing, there are still certain mistakes being made that are wasting time and money. Here [...]

How Has the Supply Chain Affected Sustainability Efforts?

According to the 2022 State of Supply Chain Sustainability report, there has been a focus on the environmental factors associated with supply chain sustainability. Factors like climate change mitigation and natural resource/biodiversity conservation have received the most attention. Supply chains are known to negatively affect sustainability efforts Supply chains function to provide goods and services [...]

Content Marketing you should be using in 2023

Using different types of content marketing in marketing strategies is the way to go. It not only boosts overall ROI but also results in higher engagement and credibility in the industry. Why is content marketing important? Content marketing functions to direct traffic to a website by using content that is high in value and engaging. [...]

Life Skills are as Important as Academic Qualifications

Preparing students to succeed in the world of work and build a career with the right tools One of the greatest challenges for graduates is to acquire the interpersonal skills demanded in the workplace, over and above the academic and technical skills obtained at the IMM Graduate School. The Professional Development initiative has been launched [...]

Why you need to add TikTok videos and Instagram reels to your marketing strategy

Millions of people spend hours on social media every day. Because of this, attention spans have generally shortened which has led to content creators and marketers having to find new ways to engage with their target audience. TikTok and Instagram have added a feature to lend a helping hand: short-form videos. Short-form videos have the [...]

Supply chain resiliency: Thriving in the age of disruption

Whether it is a global pandemic or a fire in a warehouse, the supply chain constantly faces disruptions. Many of these disruptions cannot be avoided or prevented, but there are ways to handle them and stay on track. What is supply chain resiliency? Supply chain resiliency is a term used to describe a supply chain’s [...]

Marketing trends for 2023

As the internet grows and new trends arise, so does marketing. Digital marketing has to constantly adapt and evolve to keep up with the growth of the internet and social media, as well as keep up with the demands of customers. If marketers do not take advantage of these new developments, they will be selling [...]

IoT can improve supply chain management

IoT, the Internet of Things, consists of a wide collection of interconnected physical devices that are able to monitor, send, exchange, and report on data. The IoT devices are usually connected to a computer system and are connected by data or a Wi-Fi network. Within supply chains, IoT devices can be used to track and [...]

What can you do with a business administration degree?

Entering the business industry reveals a range of different job opportunities for those who are qualified. A business administration degree would offer you the tools to understand business administration and business functions like general business administration, accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, marketing, international business, logistics, and organisational behaviour. Here are the five [...]

Influencer culture in South Africa

Being an influencer or content creator was not always seen as a real or serious job, but that has drastically changed in recent years. A study found that influencers and content creators earned over R100 million between 2019 and 2021 on only one social media platform. The influencer culture has changed the way brands and [...]

How can the marketing industry support the next generation of female leaders?

Female representation and leadership have increased in recent years in the marketing industry, but it is still not at the point where it should be. A report by McKinsey titled “Women in the Workplace” found that women are still underrepresented in leadership roles, specifically women of colour. But, businesses and brands are working towards closing [...]

Health care needs less risk management and more supply chain management

The health care system uses risk management models to purchase the necessary goods and services they need to operate. This model is not optimal as it focuses on aggregate metrics to estimate future costs rather than using supply chain management which would be able to allow more effective spending. Supply chain management is able to [...]

This shift in supply chains present opportunities for female leaders in particular

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the already existing issues that the global supply chain had been facing. From port congestion to global inflation, supply chains have been feeling the pressure. Because of this, there has been a shift in supply chains which has changed the way peopleo business and has also created new opportunities for [...]

The fastest growing brands in 2022

Social media, technology, and manufacturing companies lead the pack as the fastest growing brands in 2022. A pharmaceutical and biotechnology company are also listed on the fastest growing brands list - largely, if not solely, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the list of the 10 fastest growing brands, according to Statista in 2022. [...]

Meta to roll out new monetisation tools on Instagram and Facebook

Content creation, which may seem simple and fun to many, is a full-time job that requires skill and effort. Meta has recognised this and plans to focus on offering content creators the tools they need to monetise their content. Monetising content on Instagram and Facebook also aims to keep content creators on these platforms and [...]

Is TikTok becoming the world’s biggest search engine?

Over the past decade, Google has been the world’s biggest search engine. The total amount of Google searches that take place every year is unknown, but it is estimated that there are roughly two trillion Google searches yearly. This means that on average, everyone uses Google three to four times every day. But TikTok may [...]

Postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation, what could it get you?

Positions in the marketing field are vast and ever-changing as it evolves. This is why obtaining a postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation is able to open up an array of doors for you. Marketing encompasses a range of smaller fields, like advertising, PR, and digital design. Choosing to specialise in a range of the [...]

How do cyber threats impact supply chains?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains have experienced strains and shortages. Products and supplies, specifically raw materials, are low in stock and availability, which has increased the demand and the prices. This affects all components of the supply chain, from shipping companies to logistics businesses to ports. These strains and shortages do not [...]

How can businesses prepare for the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a new frontier that is booming with new opportunities for internet users, but also for businesses. Businesses, within the Metaverse, will be able to interact and connect with their client base on a more personalised level, similar to how they interact with them in any real-life situation. To take advantage of the [...]

Degree vs Skills – why do you need them both

The debate between which is more useful, a degree or skills, has been a hot topic in recent years. Degrees and skills offer you a range of benefits, with degrees being important in specific fields and vice versa. But regardless of the field that you are building a career in, having both a degree and [...]

5 Ways to measure your brand’s health

Brand health is measured to give marketers and business owners insight into their brands. This insight is used to locate the brand’s position and visibility within the market, but also insight into what can be improved about the brand. If issues or problems within the brand are not located and improved on, they will snowball [...]

Why is going back to live events after 3 years in lockdown a good idea?

Going to your favourite artist’s live show, to work conventions, or to art exhibitions was a very normal thing to do in early 2020. An example of this was the Match in Africa on the 7th of February. This match saw tennis stars, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, battle it out in Greenpoint Stadium in [...]

What is the ‘creator economy’?

Traditionally, most entertainment and content was only available on TV, in magazines, and on the radio. But once the internet arrived, along with social media platforms, users were able to find their online communities and engage in content that they preferred. But have you ever thought about what effects this change in content availability has [...]

What does it mean to become an Associate of the Institute of Marketing?

The Institute of Marketing Management South Africa (IMM) is a leading marketing institute in Southern Africa. The institute is known for being a space where marketing professionals and students can share thoughts and experiences within the rapidly changing marketing environment. The IMM is also home to Associates who benefit from a range of products, services, [...]

Why does Elon Musk want to buy Twitter?

Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, is one of Twitter’s biggest fans. Musk loves Twitter so much that he is wanting to purchase the 16-year-old company for $54.20 a share, which totals roughly $44 billion. The future of Twitter is unclear as Musk has not revealed his full intentions with the platform yet, [...]

Ways to be successful in the affiliate marketing industry

Affiliate marketing, which is a form of “helpful advertising”, sees marketers offer content to an audience in search of a specific product or service. Whether it’s in the form of a blog post, social media posts, or a YouTube video, the content produced functions to answer the questions of the audience and convince them to [...]

The value of installing new technologies in supply chains

Incorporating new technologies into supply chains offers the business a range of benefits that leads to much-needed and wanted growth. Whether a business is in need of cost optimisation or to grow its revenue, adding new technology can contribute enormously to these goals. Adding new technology is also necessary for a business to thrive within [...]

The best strategies to market to Gen Z

Gen Z represents the new generation of consumers, which means they should be the main focus of most marketers right now. But marketers have realised that traditional marketing techniques don’t work on Gen Z most of the time. Gen Z is known to hold brands to higher standards and don’t hand out their loyalty easily. [...]

Insights into IMM Graduate School

The IMM Graduate School has been offering industry-endorsed qualifications since 1960. These qualifications allow for specialisation in the fields of marketing, business, and supply chain management. IMM Graduate School has conducted market research to explore its impact and how students and the public view the institution. IMM Graduate School ticks the boxes IMM interviewed their [...]

How has the marketing industry changed over the past few years?

Marketing has never been simple, but marketing was much simpler just a few years ago. The main objective of marketing used to be to create a smart, attention-grabbing marketing communication and then strategically place it to get as many views as possible. Today, marketers have to be much smarter and more intentional. Consumers are discerning [...]

How does Postgraduate education enhance your career?

Choosing a degree should depend on your passions and interest. Achieving a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field is likely to open doors for you in the workforce but seeing that the job market has become extremely competitive, you will likely need a few more tools in your arsenal to get that desired job. For [...]

Commercials are coming to Netflix – What does this mean for marketers?

Netflix has experienced a major decline in subscribers, being a loss of 200,000 subscribers, since the start of 2022. As a way to get back subscribers, the streaming service will bring advertising to the platform and offer cheaper subscription packages that are supported by ad revenue. Netflix had been against the use of ads on [...]

What should you avoid when building online brand credibility?

Building online brand credibility aims to retain customers and this is a challenge on online platforms as there is a wide range of competition. Online brand credibility is a factor that stimulates a consumer to buy, maintain engagement, and revisit your website or online platforms. Building online brand credibility takes time and planning, so posting [...]

What is evergreen content and how to create it

Producing content for your target audience is an important marketing technique, but not all content is good content. To stay relevant and engaging, your website and other platforms need to contain evergreen content. Trendy and current content is important and can be used to increase traffic and engagement, but once the trend or hype has [...]

How does leadership styles impact the performance of an organisation?

Managers and other business leaders may not always realise and recognise it, but they are the ones who drive employee performance in an organisation. Part of the job description is driving team success, ensuring a positive work environment, being able to answer employee questions, and solve their problems. Many managers are able to do this, [...]

Are supply chain issues slowing down online shopping deliveries?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an array of obstacles and issues to supply chains across the globe. But these issues cannot be solely blamed on the pandemic, as supply chains were under pressure and buckling before 2020. Now, these supply chain issues have diversified and intensified to not only affect manufacturers, logistics firms, and retailers [...]

What are the types of digital marketing?

Since the advance of technology, marketing has never been the same. Today, businesses and marketers have utilised technology to create digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses online media to spread brand messages and content. Digital marketing distributes brand messages and content through search engines, social media platforms, applications, email campaigns, [...]

The do’s and don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Social media is mainly used to post an occasional selfie, keep up with friends and family, and follow your favourite celebrities’ daily lives. But for businesses and brands, social media has become a valuable tool. Business owners can use the various platforms to promote businesses and brands, direct consumers to websites, and build a connection [...]

The best customer retention strategies

Customer retention is one of the key objectives of marketers as it keeps a brand afloat. Customer retention is the ability of a brand to keep its customers returning after making purchases. Marketers aim to achieve the ‘customer loyalty loop’, which is a cycle where customers continue to choose the products and/or services of a [...]

Marketing to women: It’s time to get it right

Marketing geared towards women has dramatically evolved over the years. Before, marketers seemed to see women as caricatures of themselves who needed beauty products, clothing, and cleaning products to survive. But in today’s society, many have recognised that women change societies and are often the driving force behind societies. Today, women have much more representation [...]

How to digitise your business

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most, if not everyone. Although it has brought on many hardships and challenges, it has also opened the doors to new opportunities. One of these opportunities would be the chance for businesses to digitise. Digitisation offers businesses the opportunity to grow, gain more customers, and make use of more sustainable [...]

How “buy now, pay later” marketing is turning the finance sector upside down

Financial marketing has followed specific trends and norms over the years. For example, think of popular banks and insurance companies, many of their logos and campaigns contain the colour blue. The colour blue in the finance sector has been dubbed the colour of trust and is used extensively in finance marketing. But “buy now, pay [...]

B2B marketing trends you should know about in 2022

Due to social and cultural shifts, the decision-making processes of B2B customers have shifted as well. B2B marketing is when one business markets itself to another business. This takes place when the products or services of one company are needed for the other company to operate or improve. B2B marketing has become extremely lucrative, with [...]

The top marketing fails of all time

Marketing fails to learn from The success of a marketing campaign largely depends on the concept and the quality of the initial idea. But without proper execution or planning, that good idea could flop badly. In today’s marketing climate, competition is rife and originality is one of the most valuable resources. Unfortunately, many brands have [...]

The fast-growing African consumer market

Being one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, Africa is set to have 1.7 billion consumers by the end of the decade. The household consumption in Africa has been on the rise and has surpassed the rate of Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth. Africa’s GDP growth has shown to be faster than [...]

The death of the Cookie – What will it mean

The use of cookies, specifically third-party cookies, has been a popular tool for marketers to target ads and personalise online experiences for years. But, these cookies are followed by distrust and controversy, which has brought on the death of the cookie. Cookies, also known as “tracking cookies” or “browser cookies”, are small files of data [...]

Microsoft plunges into the world of gaming

The world of gaming has become one of the biggest industries on the planet. Over three billion people are active game players, which has seen many individuals and companies invest in this industry to take advantage of this. One of these companies has been Microsoft who has acquired Activision Blizzard. According to Satya Nadella, the [...]

Is remote working good for marketing teams?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses that do not have front-line workers have had to conduct business remotely. As lockdown restrictions have lightened, some businesses have gone back to the office, but many have chosen to keep remote working the new norm. Especially in the marketing industry, remote working has been shown to offer [...]

Free marketing tools for small businesses

Online marketing tools have been a saving grace for many small to medium-sized businesses. Online marketing tools offer businesses the ability to automate repetitive tasks, collect data, optimise campaigns, and to improve organisation in general. These benefits assist businesses in reaching a broader audience to level the playing field between them and well-established businesses and [...]

Different management styles – Which one suits a marketing manager best?

Managers often carry the stigma of being disliked and tyrannical. These stigmas and perceptions depend on the specific management style a manager uses. Management styles depend on the type of person, the type of company they are employed by, and the employees under their authority. No management style can be categorised as a one-size-fits-all style, [...]

Challenges Supply Chains will have in 2022

Supply chains had been experiencing challenges for years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the pandemic hit, supply chains faced countless more challenges that are still affecting markets across the globe. Shipping costs have been uncharacteristically high with delivery periods being unusually long. This has led to a lack and shortage of certain available resources. The [...]

The top 7 marketing trends for 2022

A new year brings new opportunities. For marketers, new opportunities are their bread and butter, as they have to always stay on top of their game. Marketing trends for 2022 meet the needs and wants of clients, with digital marketing trends being at the forefront. Digital marketing has become an important form of marketing in [...]

Marketing skills you need to reach success in 2022

This year more than ever, marketers are be faced with new challenges and opportunities. Technology is driving change in this industry with the likes of AI, the Metaverse, and Augmented Reality (LinkedIn, 2021). This may be intimidating at first, but don’t fret. We have compiled a list of the most important marketing skills you will [...]

How you can use short courses to develop your marketing skills this year

A career in marketing means daily challenges in a highly competitive environment, be it from your competitors or peers. To truly succeed, marketers need to constantly improve and acquire more on their skills to stay on top of their game. Those with a drive for self-improvement, will be rewarded with new opportunities and promotions. Those [...]

5 reasons to choose a career in marketing

Choosing to build a career in marketing may be one of the best choices to make in 2022. Careers in this field are diverse and plentiful, as over 70% of organisations hire someone who is in charge of the marketing for the company (Coschedule, 2020) . If you aren’t sold yet, here are five great [...]

Utilising the Metaverse – 3 ways for marketers to use the Metaverse

Image source: (Facebook, 2022) Utilising the Metaverse - 3 ways for marketers to use the Metaverse The idea of being able to reach your loved ones at the click of a finger has long been the best part about social media – keeping in touch and staying close. But what if we told you that [...]

Using influencer’s influence in marketing

Influencers have become one of the greatest digital assets for digital and social media marketing in the past decade. The Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that the industry itself grew to a whopping $14billion in 2021 (read more here). The industry continues to grow and with the advent of new social media apps and platforms like [...]

Do consumers really care about corporate social responsibility?

In our previous blog, “Climate Change and how marketers can contribute to helping stop the climate crisis”, we highlighted several key reasons why marketers should look to increasing their corporate social responsibility to the planet not just behind the scenes, but within their marketing campaigns and creative ideas. This is further expanded on in an [...]

Personalisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in marketing

With the uses for Artificial Intelligence continuing to emerge, it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to understand the value AI technology can bring to business, as well as the pitfalls one may find when faced with generic AI features and technology. While the tech industry continues to niche AI technologies to further serve mankind, programmers [...]

EdTech – what the future of education technology could look like for South Africans

Education Technology has become the new normal across the globe as a circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The locking down of schools in South Africa, has most certainly hastened the shift to online learning (BusinessLive, 2021). For a country like South Africa where more than 70% of students live in working-class environments with limited access [...]

Conglomerates and how all your favourite brands are intrinsically linked

For most, a trip to the supermarket or a quick grocery run is easy. We have our preferred brands and products and always resort back to what we know or enjoy the most. But what if we told you that no matter what brand of cereal you buy, they’re all pretty much owned by the [...]

Climate Change and how marketers can contribute to helping stop the crisis

In the past decade, it has become increasingly popular for brands and marketers alike to form alliances towards socio-political causes. “Activism” has become a great part of our society as young people, like Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg take to world stages and demand that their grievances be heard. As more young people try to [...]

Supply Chain Management – What 2022 holds for the Supply Chain and logistics industry

The unprecedented risks and trials brought forth by COVID-19 has placed great pressure on managers within the logistics and supply chain industry. While most of the population was in lockdown, several logistics companies had to see to the deliveries of whole goods, foods, products and minerals against the backdrop of a shutdown infrastructure and slowing [...]

Why are small businesses important for the economy?

It goes without saying that small businesses promote and encourage local entrepreneurship. But more than that, this article continues that, “Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, jobs for neighbours and gathering places for communities. They're rooted in the landscape where they grow, and they give back vitality and sustenance.” For many, small businesses are the [...]

Tiny houses, log cabins and AirBnB – how the short-term rental industry is booming with new opportunity

The tiny house industry, with the help of short-term rental sites like AirBnB and Bookings.com has seen a huge boom in recent years. More and more, people are opting for the experience of tiny house living as a holiday adventure and many hosts have made it increasingly easy to enjoy the novelty. With the United [...]

How has marketing changed over time? From traditional to digital, the big shift!

The shift from traditional media marketing in the form of newspapers, television, flyers, billboards and pole posters, to digital billboards, social media, google ads and other major forms of digital media has been both quick and big. With the advent of services like MySpace and Bebo back in the early 2000s already, celebrities and brands [...]

How crypto mining has had a major impact on the climate crisis

With the increase of investors and cryptocurrency taking off, more and more people are finding it better to start mining their own cryptocurrency through online platforms using various types of software. To better understand what cryptocurrency is and how it works, you can read our previous article here. Crypto mining has however attracted some negative [...]

The tech industry boom – where will tech be in the next ten years?

The tech industry boom - where will tech be in the next ten years? Industry giants merging and major acquisitions of tech companies, assets and processes have broken global sales records in the first half of 2021. With an unprecedented frenzy of deals worth more than $671 billion, the tech industry led the way with [...]

The biggest brands in the world – what are they doing right?

Visual Capitalist suggests that investors and key analysts can learn about a brand's true value by assessing its value outside of the quarterly earnings reports they typically release. By doing this, we can establish a better sense of a company’s market value, as well as brand loyalty, assess the features of the consumer’s relationship with [...]

How is Jeff Bezos so rich – a breakdown of how the billionaire acquired his wealth

How is Jeff Bezos so rich - a breakdown of how the billionaire acquired his wealth In 2021, Jeff Bezos was listed as the richest man in the world, surpassing the historically richest, Warren Buffet, according to Investopedia, a leading investment and tech industry site. After a 27-year run, Bezos left his position as CEO [...]

Creative hacks – apps and digital resources that are freelancer must-haves

With more and more people branching out into side-hustles, start-ups and moving towards a freelancer working model, it has become incredibly important that new freelancers (and some old) have access to the best tools to ensure that your self-run business runs smoothly. Luckily, there is no shortage of both free and paid software and tools [...]

What’s all the crypto hype about?

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. In South Africa alone, many have been scouring the internet, trying to understand what this “bitcoin-crypto” thing is and a quick analysis of Google trends shows this quite well. People are excited. They are intrigued. But, are there any good reasons for this reaction and is it worth [...]

The impact of net-zero carb emissions – new goals for big tech and Silicone Valley

In the last decade, the value of major tech companies and atmospheric CO2 concentrations rose parallel to one another, according to the International Energy Agency. The impacts of technology companies and organisations on the environment are relatively low compared with their economic, financial, and social footprints. The fact that these companies have such a significant [...]

How e-Commerce stores have started opening up physical stores and physical stores went digital

Over the past few years, e-Commerce has picked up significantly around the world as people are opting to find more convenient and in a lot of cases, cheaper ways to shop. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of e-Commerce was exponential globally (read more about that in our blog “How Covid-19 increased consumerism despite many [...]

Digital Marketing Tools that are expected to be trendy in 2022

Digital Marketing trends have continued to grow over the past year, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. People have found different and new ways to optimise their time and entertain themselves and their families using online platforms and digital technology. The same can be said for businesses, small and big, who have had to utilise new [...]

Trademarks and copyrights – how do they work in South Africa?

Dingley Marshall Lewin, a leading Intellectual Property firm in South Africa explains that Intellectual Property protection is an integral part of insuring a business. If you are aware of what type of IP rights you own, you can address them by taking legal action. In this case, it would be best to consult a professional. [...]

Networking tips for job searchers

A networking relationship helps you develop meaningful connections that assist you with advancing your career or pursuing a project in collaboration with others. So, to network, in short, is to really build relationships with industry peers and leaders in order to grow in your field of work or study. Job searching today relies heavily on [...]

The importance of digital marketing for business owners

Did you know that in 2021, there are around 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? This statistic indicates how the digital landscape has boomed in recent years, and it will only continue to grow as time goes on. Your business’ digital marketing strategy is your key to unlocking a path to access these potential customers. [...]

The effects of social issues on the supply chain

While consumers might not consider it when doing a grocery run, there are many processes that go into delivering value to consumers. In 2021, the supply chains that service consumer markets involve many players and often span more than one country - if not more than one continent. The purpose of Supply Chain Management (SCM) [...]

Vaccination Vacation – how the Maldives hopes to boost their economy through a vaccination vacation

The Maldives has suffered significantly due to the border closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, through a loyalty programme and their vaccination-vacation concept, the country hopes to rejuvenate its tourism industry. The Maldives - a paradise on earth that needs no introduction. This small, picturesque country made up of several islands mainly developed for tourists, [...]

Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano-Influencers. What’s the difference?

    Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano-Influencers. What’s the difference? In 2019, a survey conducted by MediaKix revealed that the influencer marketing industry was on the rise to becoming one of the most lucrative industries and tools for marketers. And now, 2021 has been dubbed the year of South Africa’s influencer economy. As digital marketing [...]

Work From Home vs. In-Office: is it really essential businesses operate strictly in office environments?

Work From Home vs. In-Office: is it really essential businesses operate strictly in office environments?   In March 2020, the World Health Organisation officially declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Since, many companies, organisations and public servants have had to shift their working environments from office-based, to remote, work-from-home systems. With the world in lockdown for the [...]

PoPIA – How does it affect your business?

  The Protection of Personal Information Act (often called the PoPI Act or PoPIA) is South Africa’s data protection law. The purpose of PoPIA is to protect people from harm by protecting their personal information. PoPIA requires extra vigilance in all aspects of physical and information security. The basis of the PoPIA is to protect [...]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management when unrest hits South Africa

The recent unrest in South Africa and particularly in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng demonstrates how fragile the local, national and international supply chain and pipelines are. After experiencing the continued onslaught of COVID-19, the latest and almost unabated riots, pillage and attacks on people and property have created even greater impacts on general life in South [...]

How Covid-19 increased consumerism despite many losing their jobs and streams of income

By March 2020, most of the world was put into mandatory lockdown after the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic (read more about that here). This meant that consumers were following stay-at-home orders and were restricted to leaving the house for essential services and  shopping only. For many people, upskilling, taking on a new [...]

Good leadership in the post-pandemic world

According to Forbes, the true value of a high-performing team and the effectiveness of its leader become all the more visible during major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. A team's resilience is characterised by its ability to pivot, rebound and continually innovate its way out of an impossible situation. In reference to a leadership [...]

What’s all the hype about TikTok, is it a viable marketing channel yet?

You’ve heard about TikTok before, but how can we use the platform as marketers to expand our reach? In this blog we cover the basics of TikTok and different ways how ads can be executed on the app. What is TikTok? In case you have been living under a rock, TikTok is a simple to [...]

Unprecedented disruption has reshaped the future of logistics

  With the Covid-19 outbreak, a fundamental but unpredictable risk to the logistics industry has shown up. For many countries and companies, keeping up with the market has been nothing short of difficult and uncertain. The challenge Covid-19 presents has forced industry leaders to rethink the way forward and this includes analysing the risks and [...]

Digital vs traditional marketing – how has it been influenced by COVID-19?

The debate of whether digital or traditional marketing is most valuable or otherwise more effective is an endless one. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, the shift towards digital has been exponential as traditional channels for advertising have come under pressure, become a lot more expensive and in some cases, obsolete.   As consumers [...]

Covid-19’s impact on supply networks is slowing down the fight against climate change

  Solar energy developers around the world are slowed down by a spike in the costs of materials, labour and transporting as the world economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic (read more about that here). . An Economic Times India article suggests the zero-emissions solar energy market is showing slower growth at a time when [...]

5G – Game-changer, or hype?

It has become increasingly clear that digitising businesses is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a necessity that if not already completed or underway at your organisation, now essentially needs to happen overnight. Adding to the urgency and need for companies across all sectors to prioritise digitisation, is the rise of Fifth-Generation cellular wireless [...]

From cloud computing to cloud chains – the rise of SCAAS

Ever since Salesforce arrived on the scene nearly 20 years ago, the holy grail of business start-ups has been to emulate the model it essentially created: software as a service (SaaS). There is good reason for this model being so coveted, not only by start-ups but also by captains of industry across sectors where there [...]

Life’s always been about creating moments. But now it’s all about the ‘micro’ moments! It’s an impulse thing…

Depending on your age, you may remember as a youngster being dragged around supermarkets with one or both of your parents for the monthly or weekly grocery shop. Precious moments you’d no doubt rather have spent with friends or quite frankly any other way imaginable. The highlight of these trips was typically the moment your [...]

Benefits of online short courses (2021)

Will a short course take your career to the next level? The job market is becoming increasingly more competitive regardless of the industry you are in, this means that having a certain expertise is no longer sufficient and to truly thrive in your career it is recommended to take an approach of continuous learning. There [...]

How to pivot traditional marketing skills into practical digital marketing skills (2021)

In a world that is continuously evolving, adaptability is a key characteristic. Adaptability is the ability to constantly adjust to new conditions. Since the Internet was first introduced, there has been a massive change in marketing. Businesses are no longer only using older, traditional ways to advertise their products or services. They are having to [...]

5 Reasons why brand management is important

$84.02 Billion US Dollars - the brand value of Coca Cola in 2020. 1.9 billion - The estimated number of Coca Cola sales per year. 94% - the percentage of the world’s population that can explain what the Coca Cola logo is associated with - joy and happiness. So, what’s the key to Coca Cola’s [...]

Why you should continue with marketing communications during a recession

The South African economy is officially in a recession and the COVID-19 pandemic has sent it into a flat spin. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors and those that are still open are looking where they can start cutting costs. Unfortunately, many make the biggest mistake of cutting costs on marketing communications [...]

Why every manager should have project management skills.

Project management is defined as the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. By this definition any task that involves a team, has goals and a deadline can be considered a project. Managers are faced with numerous tasks that resemble projects, whether it [...]

Supply Chain Management trends in 2021 to take us to infinity and beyond

The number one factor to impact, well anything, in 2020 was of course COVID-19. Supply chains were not spared. International trade ground to a halt with the volume of Global trade in May of last year down by 17.7% compared to the same month in 2019, economies crumbled and global GDP for 2020 contracted by [...]

What is marketing and why choose it as a career?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word marketing? Billboards? TV ads? Flyers? Many organisations are reluctant to invest substantial amounts of money into marketing as they often don’t understand the full host of benefits that it offers. Marketing isn’t just about promoting brand awareness. And it is much [...]

Advertising during a pandemic: Brands that got it right!

ALRENE COETZEE, Social Media Manager at Digital Content Lab shares a light-hearted review on how some brands broke through the noise of COVID-19 advertising by showing us the funny side of the pandemic. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit South Africa at the beginning of 2020, a full national lockdown began at midnight on Thursday 26 [...]

Say hello to uninterrupted COVID proof education!

The only thing that is guaranteed right now is change and 2020 has undoubtedly offered proof of that! COVID-19 also sometimes referred to as “RONA” has had a massive impact on students and student life. But, it's not all doom and gloom, there is a way to stay safe and enjoy uninterrupted studies for this [...]

Don’t let a poor economy stop you from starting a business

DILLON LOUW, Digital Content Creator at Digital Content Lab reviews what Netflix, Microsoft and Disney have in common and if its advisable to start a business in a recession. Netflix, Microsoft and Disney and other highly successful brands were all founded in poor economic times. This goes to show that even though we find ourselves [...]

Top 7 marketing trends in 2021

Today’s marketing world travels at breakneck speed, and in order to succeed in this industry, you have to stay ahead of the game. Throughout 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw consumers shift their shopping habits from in-person to online. This shift in consumer behaviour has led to a substantial change in the way marketers [...]

IMM Launches Brand New Supply Chain Management Qualifications

Never before has the active integration and coordination of superior supply chain activities, that provide the best value for customers, been as important as it is right now. As an unprecedented 2020 draws to a close, with an uncertain future for businesses across the globe, it has become abundantly clear that competent and proficient Supply [...]

SSC eTutorials

The IMM Graduate School is at the forefront of online education development and in a position to digitally support students through their academic journey.  The risk of feeling isolated (which is often experienced in distance learning) is significantly reduced when you become a part of a student community. No matter where in the world you [...]

Authentic Assessment in the Digital Learning Environment

Meaningful evaluation of student competence in online learning. Introduction During 2020, focus has shifted to learning and teaching in the digital environment, which up until a few months ago, was regarded as inferior education.  Then necessity became the mother of invention as those who had clung to the familiar contact modes of delivery, were forced [...]

6 of the Most Profitable Small Businesses in South Africa

Zero to 100 million in only a few years: We take a look at South Africa's start-ups that have grown from fledglings to million rand businesses. The Business of Iced Tea Vital Stats Player: Grant Rushmere Brand: Bos Brands Established: 2009 Visit: www.bosicetea.com When Grant Rushmere first envisioned Bos Ice Tea, he did it through the lens of [...]

Another Brick in the Wall?

Most universities have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by going online with their teaching programmes.  This is part of their response to make teaching and the completion of the academic year a priority.  Students need to achieve their qualifications and enter the economy to start working and start making a contribution almost ‘at any cost’. [...]

Has the Pandemic Infected Marketing?

July 2020 – Is there a place for high-budget TV ads – the kind where crowds of hundreds clink glasses as they dance together in a small space? Or is the future of marketing looking a lot more low key? Connection, connection, connection. If there is anything that emerged out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s [...]

What will happen to South Africa’s matrics?

Johannesburg, September 2020 - Grade 12 is the most critical year of any learner’s academic life; the bridge between secondary and higher education, as it were. For the more than 700 000 students enrolled in matric, this final year has become far more than a challenge. With Covid-19 stalking the corridors, their futures are looking [...]

Altruism – The Holy Grail for Brands in 2020 and Beyond

23 July 2020 – Altruism is not a new concept for brands. There has been much discussion about being purpose-led and ‘having heart’ at the core of a business model, but never before has this been more important than during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As far back as 2013, marketing titles were trumpeting the value [...]

5 Digital Strategies Every Company Should Implement Right Now

The pandemic isn't slowing the shift to digital -- it's accelerating it. In the face of COVID-19, it’s tough for companies to know which strategies make sense in terms of progress and growth. But the pandemic isn’t slowing the shift to digital — if anything, it’s accelerating it. And there are a few digital strategies you shouldn’t wait [...]

Why is it essential to include social media marketing in your marketing plan?

Scrolling through social media is the last thing most people do before they go to sleep and the first thing they do right after they wake up. Let us have a look at some interesting average social media user stats. Daily time spent on Facebook is 58 min. Daily time spent on Instagram is 53 [...]

The trend towards shorter, specific, skills-based courses in 2020.

The first thing people associate with university degrees and diplomas is a guarantee of financial stability, but in recent times this association has been proven insufficient. Some employers are of the opinion that short course qualifications that are recent, relevant and specific of a person’s current skills requirements are of utmost important as an addition [...]

Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age

Digital technology has disrupted traditional marketing models, forcing marketers to rethink how they develop and implement their marketing strategy. To help you with your transition into the new digital marketing era, we have created a Digital Marketing Strategy course series consisting of four online express courses that can each be completed individually. Each express course [...]

A successful selling career does not happen by chance, it is built by mastering selling skills

The Art of Selling Some people end up in sales by default, and feel they are not good at it. The truth is that the most successful salespeople in the world were not born that way, they are professionals who have spent time developing and practicing their skills. If you find yourself in a sales [...]

Nurturing Social Cognition in the Digital Classroom

Reducing social isolation in online learning Social distancing has become an overused concept, yet remains a relevant phenomenon globally.  The education community has not been spared the impact of the need for social distancing . Institutions of Higher Learning which have paid scant attention to online learning and teaching dynamics have been unceremoniously thrust into [...]

The show must go on

A behind the scenes view of The IMM Graduate School in motion. For five months South Africa has been in a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has forced the world to adapt, including the IMM Graduate School. The IMM Graduate School has come up with multiple quick solutions to ensure as little [...]

The gig economy reenergised by Covid-19

The way people live, work and spend their money has changed drastically over the past decade, particularly with the rise of smartphone technology. Being connected to just about the whole world via social media, has created many ways to make and spend money and has given rise to the gig economy as we now know [...]

Libations to the Advertising Gods: Raising a Glass to What We’ve Lost, and What We’ve Learned

By Antonis Kocheilas of Ogilvy on Jul 31 2020 - 3:00pm Change is hard, but we have the chance to reinvent what we do In ancient times, the libation was a ritualistic pouring of a liquid as an offering to a deity. It represented sacrifice; we give this up to you in the hopes that we'll get something back. Something [...]

Digital Marketing as a career

A study by Hootsuite has shown that we spend an average of 6 hours a day online, to put that in perspective it’s a quarter of our lives. Whether we are scanning social media channels on our phone, ordering groceries through an online app via a tablet or planning a holiday on a laptop, PC [...]

The Bedroom at Arles

It was given to me to be in its presence twice:- once at the Van Gogh House in Amsterdam and once at the National Gallery in Canberra.  Both times I was under severe strain.  In Amsterdam, my anxiety came from being part of a group who thought that 48 hours in Amsterdam demanded more earthly [...]

Online Learning and it’s Geographies

The presence of geography in information has an integral reality about it which is not always recognised and appreciated.  The reasons for this are myriad, but the extent to which the geography is unequivocal in its presence, ingrained in the context, and uninvited but still impossible to exclude, have made it seem like a seamless [...]

Masks, sanitisers and Zoom – local team takes TV ad production to a new level

What did it take to shoot a TV ad during South Africa’s lockdown? Over 75 hours of Zoom meetings, 48 Skype casting calls and four remote callbacks, six hours of online cast rehearsals, five virtual location reccies, over 1500 WhatsApp messages, 200 emails, hundreds of phone calls, and a very unusual kind of shoot day. [...]

The ethics of social marketing

The potential value of data inspired British mathematician and entrepreneur in the field of data science and customer-centric business strategies. Clive Humby to claim “Data is the new oil.” And in the right hands it is. Here’s why. Because by using data, people can be manipulated. And that constitutes power. The recent scandal involving arguably [...]

The impact of AI on Customer Relationship Management and the Customer Product Adoption Processes

Dr Myles Wakeham, Mr Carl Wakeham and Ms Maria Hamman INTRODUCTION TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of human-like intelligence that can process, learn, reason, plan, and discern natural language. AI comes in three forms, namely, narrow AI, which we are involved with on a daily basis and which is designed [...]

The Rise of The Meme – Is It Still “Just A Trend”?

Unless this is your first time browsing the web, you’ve definitely come across a meme before. They’re everywhere. But, if you think that memes were invented by a millennial or Gen Z’er, get ready to take notes. The word “meme” can be traced all the way back to 1976, when biologist, ethnologist, and writer Richard [...]

The relationship between, and the importance of, a Value Chain; a Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management.

By Dr Myles Wakeham and Annie Beckerling The recent outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM), as a sudden increase in demand for certain products and a complete standstill in demand for others has left many suppliers reeling. However the man in the street can still find [...]

Names, like sticks and stones, can hurt you. Just ask Corona — the beer, not the virus.

The coronavirus is currently a trending topic and a major public health hazard worldwide. But at the same time, it is also not doing the Mexican beer brand of the same name any good. Being linked to something like the corona virus is something you absolutely do not want as a brand. The name corona virus comes [...]

Digitising Higher Education 

Lessons shared by an institution that has been doing it for a while.  1. Introduction  The role of learning and teaching in a digital environment has been catapulted into the spotlight as  many educational institutions which have not paid much attention to it, are now grappling with where to start to put systems in place [...]

Q & A with IMM Graduate School – Leaders in technology-enabled education

Resilience. It’s a very apt word to describe South Africans and the same can be said about the businesses, organisations, and institutions that keep this great country of ours moving. In the past few months, and even before that, IMM Graduate School has shown not only resilience, but also how much they care about their [...]

Euromonitor International: How is Covid-19 affecting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2020

It is May 2020.  Students of the IMM Graduate School are busy writing their Final Assessments, not in a traditional examination venue, but rather on a computer, possibly at home.  Now, in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, the world has no idea how long the coronavirus will directly and indirectly affect us.  What we [...]

IMM Graduate School is offering fast-paced express courses that you can do in less than 1 week for just R475 per course while in lockdown

Covid-19 is here and it’s not going to disappear overnight. South Africans still have a long way to go in the fight against the corona virus before life returns back to normal. With the country in lockdown for 21 days, millions of South Africans are beginning to feel the pinch as businesses start to cut [...]

Supply Chain Management during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has brought humanity, as we have come to know it, to its knees. Where kindness, sharing and caring once prevailed, now self-preservation reigns in shopping malls throughout the world as the “have’s” stockpile their larders with vitals at the expense of the poor, the needy, the aged and the sick. Shopping trolleys [...]

South Africa’s POPI Act – What It Means For Marketers

If you were to ask consumers regarding whether or not they value their personal information, the answer will undoubtedly be yes. Consumers are no longer naive about how their personal information should be protected and they are starting to expect businesses to respect their constitutional right to privacy. When the POPI act comes into full [...]

Improve your conversion rate with lifecycle marketing

If you want someone to buy you an ice-cream you don’t just walk up to them and say “Hey you buy me an ice-cream”. You would first introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. The aim would be to develop a relationship with points of common interest, you would then introduce the right messages at [...]

Why the traditional B2C model is dead

Digital marketing is changing the marketing game rapidly and all marketers need to catch up.  If you have not immersed yourself in the waters of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) yet, it is time to dive straight into the deep end. Not only has the 4IR changed the way businesses relate to customers, it has [...]

Distance Education Rises to the Occasion during the CoVID-19 lockdown

Distance Learning, the Keeper of Higher Education during a Worldwide Pandemic The challenges facing institutions of Higher Learning during the CoVID-19 lockdown have left many with no option but to turn to online learning to avoid disruptions to learning and teaching programmes across the globe.  Fortunately, the IMM Graduate School has not been caught off [...]

What’s Your Company’s Emergency Remote-Work Plan?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash This week, the coronavirus (or Covid-19) took a more serious turn in the U.S. with warnings that it could very well impact how, when, and where we work: “Disruption to everyday life may be severe,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, cautioned at a [...]

The Gig Economy Is the Future – Here’s how You Can Become Part of It

Estimated Reading time - 7 Minutes If the term ‘Gig Economy’ makes you scratch your head in confusion, it really shouldn’t. The slang term “gig” has been used for over 100 years to refer to once-off entertainment performances, but its meaning has taken a different direction over time. After reading this blog post, you’ll know [...]

Sunday Ted Talk – The human skills we need in an unpredictable world

Writer and entrepreneur, Margaret Heffernan says that the more reliant on technology we become, the less prepared we’ll be when faced with unexpected problems that may cross our paths. Heffernan says that we determine our own future and explains why mankind needs to become less dependent on technology to solve our problems and focus on [...]

2020 – It’s the Year Of The Remote Worker

Estimated Reading Time – 4 Minutes We’ve always believed that robots will take over our jobs one day. That might still become a reality, but something else is happening in the meantime. Increased amounts of employees are distancing themselves from their typical 9 to 5 jobs in favour of working remotely. There appears to be [...]

Sunday Ted Talk – A guide to collaborative leadership

In Lorna Davis’ insightful TED Talk, she explains how our idolisation of heroes is holding us back from solving big problems and why we as a civilization need to rely on each other to make real changes in our society. Davis also gives us real-world examples of the heroes that already walk amongst us.

Green Logistics – It’s the Same Idea, Just A Cleaner Method

Estimated Reading Time – 3.5 Minutes It’s time to face the truth - if we don’t take better care of our planet, it won’t take care of us for much longer. Global warming is no longer ‘the next generation’s problem’ – it’s happening now, and we need to stop it before it’s too late. Logistics has [...]

Sunday Ted Talk – Why gender-based marketing is bad for business

As effective as this marketing tactic is, Gaby Barrios explains why gender-based marketing is bad for business and consumers. Barrios explains that not only does it create gender stereotypes, but it doesn't drive nearly as much business as we might think.  In this TED Talk, Barrios shows businesses how they can find better ways to [...]

New degree for a new world: IMM Graduate School launches vital Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Supply Chain Management

In today’s ever-changing world, built on technology, e-commerce and global trade, supply chain management is increasingly becoming a pivotal personal competence, and a key competitive advantage for many businesses. This trend is manifesting in a worldwide shortage of supply chain management (SCM) skills and, in particular, a critical skills shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hence the [...]

Lifestyle Marketing – Separating the Good from the Great

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes Gone are the days when a catchy ad was enough to keep consumers interested. Using the free online resources available, anyone can create a stunning ad these days. This means that there’s a lot of noise out there and simply having a catchy brand name, logo, and a list of [...]

Sunday Ted Talk – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Watch Tim Urban’s hilarious TED Talk as he explains what goes on in the mind of an expert procrastinator. Follow Urban as he takes us on a journey through YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window, and a close up look at India. Urban encourages us to take a closer [...]

Learnings move online: transforming the education sector

Technological innovation has changed more than just the way we live and work – it is also deeply impacting the way we learn. It’s hardly surprising then that, in their Global Shapers report, the World Economic Forum predicted that online learning is “the future of education”. LUCINDA JORDAAN talks to Dr Cecelia Rosa, Head of [...]

Micromanagement makes the BEST PEOPLE Quit!

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether professionally or personally and when it’s broken, it is extremely hard to repair. I had a supervisor if I was over one minute on my lunch time, she would send an email to remind me of my lunch hours, even though most of the time I [...]

Think of social and programmatic platforms as big tech, not mass media

Marketers should not only think of social and programmatic platforms as media – but also as technology platforms that allow them to customise their messages for select audiences, writes GRANT LAPPING. More than 30 years after the invention of the World Wide Web, many marketers still describe marketing on digital platforms using the language of [...]

Does cold calling still work in 2020? You Decide!

"I can't talk right now, I'm busy." Admit it, you have used that excuse at least once when talking to a telemarketer. Cold calling, which is jargon for an unrequested sales pitch, has come a long way since the term was first mentioned in volume 100 of The American Magazine in 1925. Salespeople these days [...]

Marketing Trends for 2020: Here’s What Will Happen That Nobody is Talking About

Neil Patel  Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/marketing-trends/ The new year is right around the corner. And I know you are already prepared because you read this blog and tons of other marketing blogs, right? But here is the thing: I also read most of the popular marketing blogs, follow all of the marketing YouTube channels, and listen to the [...]

The duality of hats: A pracademic perspective

At a recent IMM Graduate School forum, SEAN McCOY facilitated the Marketing the Future sessions as master of ceremonies, channelling an exciting line-up of speakers on the subject of "unlocking the human element in the digital era". It was here that the topic of the "pracademic" arose. While used fairly informally, the term ‘pracademic’ triggered [...]

High School vs Higher Education. How to step up

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You’re finally done with high school and ready to start the next chapter. Don’t believe everything you see in movies though - higher education isn’t just fun and games. It takes hard work, dedication, and a dream for a bright future to be successful. Why higher education after school is so [...]

12 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2020

Alex Membrillo Source: https://www.cardinaldigitalmarketing.com/blog/12-digital-marketing-trends-and-innovations-for-2020/ Technology has turned the world into a global village in terms of effortlessly connecting people from all different countries and cultures. Sharing information is more accessible than it ever has before, making it much easier to generate product awareness or promote your service. And since the internet is such a powerful [...]

Andy Rice – on the courage to realise risk

Infobesity: Mathemagician Andy Rice on the courage to realise risk 4IR presents various challenges for today’s marketers – none more so than the courage to up their appetite for risk in today’s data-driven world, notes ad legend Andy Rice. LUCINDA JORDAAN reports. Andy Rice needs little introduction. The award-winning brand strategist’s illustrious career includes him [...]

Circular Supply chain

Out with the old and in with the new - circular supply chain might just save the environment Good news! Businesses can now increase their profits and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. As it stands, the supply chain industry follows the traditional linear supply chain methodology (source, create, and discard) but with [...]

Top marketing trends for 2020

Christian Thomson Forbes Councils Member - Oct 3, 2019 Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2019/10/03/top-marketing-trends-for-2020/#1fd6396613d5 With the speed at which modern technology is growing and evolving, it is no surprise that everything that relies on it must move at a similarly breakneck pace. Digital marketing is no exception. With constant updates, new techniques, and changes to algorithms, digital marketers are [...]

How 4IR will change the way we work

Technology, the big disruptor, is itself constantly disrupting, and the challenges this brings demand a shift in our attitudes and perceptions, too. LUCINDA JORDAAN talks to Shavani Naidoo and Deborah Schepers. Whether you’re a farmer or urbanite, student or CEO, there’s no escaping the disruption of 4IR on all aspects of life – and none [...]

Eisenhower matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix – helping people prioritise since 1960 The new year is here and no doubt you have already thought about your new year’s resolutions. If you are like so many of us you will say to yourself “And this year I am going to stick to them” but then life gets in the [...]

A critical skills shortage in digital marketing could mean job opportunities for 2020 school leavers

Why School Leavers will battle to find a job  As the class of 2019 are released into the big wide world of work, many parents are holding their breath, hoping that by some miracle their school leaver finds employment and start a successful career. Sadly, according to an unemployment report released by Statistics South Africa [...]

Smartinsights – 6 essential marketing trends for 2020

What’s new? What’s next? Six essential marketing trends for 2020 By Dave Chaffey 18 Oct, 2019 Source: https://www.smartinsights.com/managing-digital-marketing/marketing-innovation/6-essential-marketing-trends-for-2020/   Examples of digital marketing tools and techniques to give you an edge in the year ahead  Well, we’ve nearly made it! For years I’ve been looking to the future, predicting how innovations in digital media, platforms and [...]

Conscious and Non-Conscious Processing

Conscious and Non-Conscious Processing No decision can be made without input from past experiences, past learning, past memories and, hence, emotions. This may explain why behavior can be different while brand attributes are similar, writes ANNE THISTLETON. We often believe that we make rational decisions; those that we believe to be objective and not influenced [...]

Business trends for 2020

The top trends predicted for 2020 that will propel business into the future 2019 has been a tough year for businesses in general with a sluggish 3.9 % global GDP growth (IMF Data mapper) and a meagre 3.1% growth in South Africa (StatsSA). In these tough times having a competitive edge is more important than [...]

How to set achievable personal development new year’s resolutions

Set Realistic Personal New Year’s Resolutions  We are all creatures of habit. We know that change can be daunting but every year we promise ourselves that we’ll do better next year. We’ll go to the gym, we’ll go on a diet, or we’ll drink more water. But come January, life gets busy again and all [...]

Making Waves: Rudo Makoni

‘Attitude is like a signature perfume’ Public relations and communications specialist Constance Rudo Makoni is an IMM Graduate School alumni who has worked her way from being a reporter with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Authority to working as a deputy director in the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare. There she learnt the art [...]

Outsourcing – The New Link in Supply Chain Management

Life as we know it depends on it. Getting our food and water, clothes and medicine from supplier to consumer rely on it. Successful supply chain management is vital for the success of most businesses because it ensures customers get what they want when they want it. But supply chain management is not just about [...]

Global Supply Chain Management: An essential tool for competitiveness in the global marketplace

For an organisation to underestimate the complexity of global supply chain management would be at its peril, and could ultimately result in financial suicide, says Dr Myles Wakeham. Over the past decade or so, businesses have reacted to the demands of Internationalisation and globalisation. In every sector and industry, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have [...]

What is Native Advertising and why does it matter?

Think back to the last video you watched on YouTube – chances are, an ad interrupted the video halfway through. If you couldn’t wait to click on the “skip ad”, you’re not alone. The truth is, though, that ads are quite important for both businesses and consumers. Over time, we’ve become so used to seeing [...]

Winning in the game of sports sponsorship

With the Cricket World Cup, Afcon, Netball World Cup and now the Rugby World Cup taking place, Michael Bratt explores this valuable marketing option, and the intricacies involved in it. This year has been a bumper time for major sporting competitions; with the Cricket World Cup, the Women’s Soccer World Cup, the African Cup of [...]

Why companies can no longer afford to ignore CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about PR right? Well yes, and no… The truth is that there are numerous strategic reasons for companies to participate in CSR and the potential positive impact on the company’s bottom line can far outweigh the cost of investment. Conversely not investing in CSR can have a devastating if not [...]

Are you measuring return on conversations?

Social media is a powerful channel to be taken seriously, one deserving of its own strategy and creative, says Cheryl Barnett. It plays a pivotal role in supporting above-the-line campaigns and achieving business objectives when executed correctly. Engagement, engagement, engagement. We all know how important this is in today’s connected world, a world in which [...]

Consumers are demanding more control over their personal data

Data-driven marketing has been around for quite some time now i.e. using big-data processing technology to segment markets, identify target markets and develop customised marketing communications to those markets. We collect this information in various ways including but not limited to: Cookies: These store small amounts of user data and helps companies to track site [...]

To sell luxury, should it still be called luxury?

It is no coincidence that one of the favoured gathering spots of France’s “gilets jaunes” protesters is the Champs-Élysées – after all, it’s where the icons of globalised luxury are on display, and with them, the ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots in our society, write Jean-Noel Kapferer and Anne Michaut. Today, luxury is [...]

Using Blockchain to secure the weak link in supply chain management

If you find that Blockchain is a difficult subject to wrap your head around, you’re not alone. A Google search will produce hundreds of results trying to give a simple explanation of blockchain, but you could still end up being confused. We did the legwork for you and consolidated our findings into a simple and [...]

Dreams without goals are merely dreams

IMM alumna Kershnee Hermanus leads the Premium Marketing Team within the FNB Cash Investment Team. She first signed up for a digital marketing diploma in 2006. Studying part- time, balancing a career and distance learning, was not easy. But she persevered, achieving her diploma, and immediately going on to study for a BBA Degree in [...]

Voice Search Is Getting Louder and It’s Time to Listen

With the rate at which Voice Recognition Technology (VRT) is growing in popularity, reading and writing may soon be a thing of the past. VRT has come a long way since Bell Technologies first introduced the “Audrey” system in 1952 that could only recognise digits from a single voice, to the systems we find in [...]

Sweet success: How the 2018 IMM top achievers did it

The 71-year-old IMM Graduate School recently hosted its annual graduation ceremonies, capping 984 students in the regions of Zimbabwe, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Western Cape. The class of 2018 saw a record number of qualifications conferred: Two MPhil Master’s, 111 BPhil Honours, 117 Postgraduate Diplomas, 487 Degrees, 128 Diplomas and 139 Higher Certificates.  "We are extremely [...]

The ABC of Marketing to Gen Z

Every generation gets its time in the spotlight and right now it’s Gen Z’s time to shine, but who exactly is Gen Z? Gen Z, also known as Centennials or the iGen, follows Generation Y (Millennials) and refers to people born between the years 1995 and 2015. Gen Zers are known to be (among other [...]

2020 could be the year of the entrepreneur in South Africa

South Africa is home to many aspiring entrepreneurs and with the unemployment rate currently sitting at 29%, it may just be the answer to South Africa’s shrinking economy. Never before has there been such a dire need for entrepreneurs to positively impact and transform the community. Small business represents the greatest opportunity this country has [...]

Visual Searches – Get the big picture

To quickly bring you up to speed, a visual search is when you use a real-word image (screenshots, internet image or photograph) as the origin for an online search. In other words, you take a picture, hit search and the visual search browser will show you similar images found online. You can then click through [...]

Join a Business Day Dialogue on the on-demand economy and supply chain management

Flux Trends founder Dion Chang will be delivering the keynote presentation at the Business Day Dialogue on October 24 2019. Picture: SUPPLIED/FLUX TRENDS Business Day and IMM Graduate School, the leading online higher education institution for marketing, supply chain and business disciplines in Africa, will provide a bespoke said-leadership opportunity at the next Business Day [...]

IGTV Views are Suddenly Skyrocketing: Is It Finally Becoming Cool?

In July 2018, Instagram announced a new platform that would “change the social video landscape” forever: IGTV. Standing on a stage with influencers and YouTube celebrities, Instagram founder and former CEO Kevin Systrom declared that it was “time for video to move forward and evolve.” Vertical video was the future and it was time for everyone to get [...]

Why we should welcome automation in the logistics industry

Logistics and automation have gone hand in hand since the beginning of the first industrial revolution; from the steam engine, the forklift and now robotic pickers and packers. Drone delivery, automated self-driving trucks and fully automated AI controlled warehousing are all already in the prototype stage and will most likely become common place in the [...]

So, what’s up with vertical videos?

Should marketers be producing videos in vertical orientation? We look into this relatively new trend and bring you into the frame. Why vertical? Videos have traditionally been shot in landscape (horizontal) orientation and for good reason to, the human eye tracks better on the horizontal plane and most videos were viewed on a computer monitor [...]

Marketing the future: Unlocking the human element in a digital world

By: Leigh Andrews A data science expert, mind science practitioner and advertising strategist walk into a bar... When that trio actually comprises Shavani Naidoo of Primedia, Anne Thistleton of Light Consultancy and 'everyone's favourite ad commentator' Andy Rice, it must be the bar at IMM Graduate School's second annual 'marketing the future' event, held at the [...]

7 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

An interesting extract on influencer marketing’s role in the B2B space, from a blog posted on toprandblog.com by Lee Odden (2019).  “While there are some who think the expression “influencer” is an expired term, the role of influence on B2B buying decisions is irrefutable. According to the World Federation of Advertisers, 65% of multinational brands [...]

From the table to the market: Strategies used by food entrepreneurs to get noticed

Worth a whopping $82 million in 2019, South Africa’s food and beverage industry is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 10.5%, claims Statista. While these figures may seem unattainable to our local, independent enterprises, becoming a household brand is proving less formidable thanks to digital marketing, writes Lucinda Jordaan. The kitchen, [...]

The Relationship between marketing and finance

Some of the most important expenses a business can have relates to the marketing and advertising of its products or services. While a business must be able to market its product, it must also be able to manage the related costs.  This is the foundation of the relationship between Marketing and Finance. With the marketing [...]

African consumer prosperity: Big dreams or actual spend?

When it comes to whether Sub-Saharan African consumers are feeling more prosperous and how this influences their propensity to purchase, Nielsen Africa MD Bryan Sun says markets are significantly polarised in terms of feeling ‘better off’. It is therefore imperative to dig deeper to gain a comprehensive understanding of how consumers truly feel about improvements [...]

What is an influencer and how you can spot a fake one

Social media is constantly evolving and has become so integrated into our personal lives that many people start their day by scrolling through their social media feeds to read the latest updates. From a business perspective, a social media presence creates brand awareness and a connection between the customer and the business. However, there is [...]

Project Management

Eight tools to create project plans and deliver marketing success Anyone with a business strives for success, but not everyone systematically implements the project plan tools readily available to assist with marketing. This may be because many of the resources seem too academic or perhaps it’s the sheer volume of information which is daunting. Jainita [...]

Can personality type influence career choice?

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Unless you are one of the lucky few who knows exactly what career path you want to take, choosing one can be daunting. It’s obvious that factors such as earning potential and industry play major roles in the decision. [...]

Watch that space! Recruitment ads can be misleading

Young graduates and professionals are often bamboozled by misleading recruitment advertising. Jennilee Peremore-Oliver reveals what to look for in prospective employers – and their ads – to ensure you’re not taken for a costly ride. Having viewed hundreds of job advertisements published by recruiters and human resources practitioners, I often question how much thought was [...]

Big things often have small beginnings

The role of social media in content marketing By Wendy Monkley CEO Digital Content Lab Attention with a Capital ‘A’ is what every marketer wants for their brand, especially online. But what makes people follow or unfollow a brand? Much research has been done in this area. Time and time again we are told what [...]

Out with the old roles, and in with a fresh approach to streamlined service

Out with the old roles, and in with a fresh approach to streamlined service  Significant changes to internal team structures have improved business, delivering greater value to clients, and a richer and more fulfilling work experience for our team across digital marketing services and public relations. Judith Middleton tells the story of how internal change [...]

The making of a leader – do you have what it takes?

The making of a leader - do you have what it takes? Leadership means different things to different people and is impacted by both the application (organisational, political, military etc.) and the execution (the personality of the leader). Regardless, the role always involves making logical and sometimes difficult decisions. The Business Dictionary defines a leader [...]

Should brands try to change the world? What the research says.

Should brands try to change the world? What the research says. Psos researcher Nick Coates examines some of the recent adverts placing themselves in the firing line and the long-term consequences of aligning themselves with these messages, as well as some considerations prior to launching campaigns. It is the remit of advertising to elicit a [...]

Why a career in sales is a good idea

Why a career in sales is a good idea The sales industry is vital to the functioning of the economy - if customers don’t buy, the economy would collapse. There are many benefits and rewards to a career in sales that far outweigh the often-misrepresented view of this profession. Unfortunately, due to these misconceptions, some [...]

A global activation with employees at grassroots level

A global activation with employees at grassroots level  For the second time, spirits company Bacardi created a magnificent, global marketing campaign that required extensive planning and thorough internal communications, writes Michael Bratt. Turning every employee into a brand ambassador was the central component of Bacardi’s Back to the Bar brand awareness campaign. Coinciding with the [...]

What is online learning and is it for you?

What is online learning and is it for you? When trying to balance work and family life, the thought of furthering your studies can be daunting. Online learning may be the answer! In this blog we explore online learning as a mode of studying towards a qualification. Online learning, which is also known as correspondence [...]

CCM Strategy

There’s never been a better time to review your Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy Now more than ever, customers expect companies to value their loyalty, recognise them as individuals, be cognisant of their personal needs and requirements and send them only the most relevant information or offers. That’s why a customer communications management strategy is [...]

SA’s Top 8 scarce skills you should study for

SA’s Top 8 scarce skills you should study for With South Africa’s ever-increasing unemployment rate, it comes as a surprise that there is still an abundance of vacancies in certain industries. These vacancies aren’t the result of a lack of interest in these positions but rather the fact that employers require skilled workers to fill [...]

Blooming Business – NETFLORIST

Blooming business: NetFlorist has a rich, 20-year e-commerce history NetFlorist was the talk of social media on this year’s Valentine’s Day, for all the wrong reasons. But this was just a blip on the e-commerce company’s history. Michael Bratt spoke to the company’s managing director, Ryan Bacher. Having geared up for 45 000 deliveries on [...]

The Link between education and income

The relationship between education and income Education is defined as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. In other words, it is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits. Francis [...]

A glimpse into the mind of the South African shopper in the moment

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire The thing is, you have considered all of this already, without really realising it. You have experienced two different systems of thinking that we all apply daily as our brains receive and experience information. According to the psychologist Daniel Kahneman, these two systems are known as System I thinking and System II [...]

The Evolution of Marketing

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and is an intricate blend of both strategy and technology. Previously, marketing was simply about trying to sell goods and services. These sales attempts may be as old as civilisation itself but the concept of marketing as we know it derives from the developments of the industrial revolution in [...]

Five reasons to prioritise sustainability in your brand’s playbook

By Julia Wilson  Increasingly consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to discern between true commitment to sustainability and action taken just for show. And they’re not afraid to call out that lack of authenticity on social media, in conversations with friends, or in any other channel. This has made some brands hesitant – [...]

AI: Should we be worried?

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and continues to develop still. Advancements in almost every field (more notably the medical and engineering industries) are largely affected and improved by ongoing technological developments. We are constantly confronted by artificial intelligence these days, whether you know it or not. For context, Techopedia defines Artificial [...]

The practicality of strategy in retail

By Didy Andersson The world of bricks and mortar retail is on rocky ground. The likes of Edcon and Massmart, among others, have suffered locally, and globally brands such as New Look, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer are struggling. Those that are future-focused, having evolved, innovated and managed their efficiencies, are the pack leaders. Think [...]

Is Marketing a good career choice?

Marketing has been around for as long as people have been selling things but officially arose as a career choice in the early 1900s. Having said that, marketing as a discipline is relatively new compared to economics, production and accounting. Marketing is broadly defined as “activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or [...]

Removing the gender lens from Generation Z marketing

By Iza Grek Gender fluidity is the new normal and marketers need to take note. “In a world where inclusivity is valued by Millennials and Gen Z, it’s important for brands to be considerate of how culture is shifting and changing today and into the future,” says Thabang Leshilo, senior consultant of brand and cultural [...]

LOGISTICS – What is it and why is it so important?

The world we know wouldn’t function as smoothly without the logistics industry. Everything you buy in the store had to get from the supplier to the retailer at some point. Building material had to be transported to site before a structure was built and food is transported from the supplier to the retailer. The term [...]

Influencers: Superheroes or Supervillains?

Scrolling through my Instagram timeline I came across yet another self-proclaimed influencer flogging what seemed to be the millionth product in as many days. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and instead of being influenced in a positive way and loving the product, I was annoyed… not only with the person who posted it, [...]

Crisis Communication

It’s high time to revise the tried-and-tested, three-pronged approach to succinct communications to include a fourth message: the inevitability of the sh*t hitting the fan. Crisis comms expert Janine Lazarus rolls out the strategy. During workshops on key message development, I always beat on about only having three key messages at hand to carry you [...]

Thought Leaders – modern day pioneers

The phrase ‘thought leader’ first appeared in 1887 in a description of Henry Ward Beecher, but its meaning has been redefined repeatedly over time. Forbes defines a thought leader as “an individual or firm that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognise as one of the foremost authorities in selected areas of specialisation, [...]

Integrate your marketing efforts so that the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts

As more and more digital marketing channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest and digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter, grow in popularity with consumers, marketers now more than ever need to be integrating their communication efforts. Traditionally, definitions of integrated marketing have focused on integrated marketing communications (IMC), but these are no longer fit [...]

Why must service providers and buyers be able to negotiate?

Dr Beverley Waugh and Dr Myles Wakeham Service providers/suppliers must understand their customers, their customers’ procurement management, and negotiation! The main goal of the logistics services and procurement function is to ensure the provision of these services as required! In general, services and products that are purchased or ordered and obtained, for external and internal [...]

Marketers Making Waves: Kagiso Musi

Kagiso Musi was recently appointed managing director of Meta Media, the new kid on the Park Advertising block, and challenger to older sibling, The MediaShop. What is the life quote you believe suits you best and why? It’s not so much a quote, but rather a life philosophy – ‘I get my hands dirty for [...]

The Human side of marketing

Market Business News explains that marketing is “the activities of a business related to buying and selling a product or service. It involves finding out what consumers want and determining whether it is possible to produce it at the right price.” Additionally, marketing allows for the introduction and promotion of a service or a product [...]

Why must service providers understand procurement?

Dr Myles Wakeham and Dr Beverley Waugh Service providers/suppliers must understand selection processes, evaluation criteria, relationship management that their customer organisations/procurement managers pursue to decide to select them or to decide to reject them! The main goal of the logistics services and procurement function is to ensure the provision of these services as required! This [...]

Veldskoen: Stepping out of the comfort zone

Influencer marketing is on the rise – even in South Africa – but there can be no greater endorsement of a product than having one of the world’s favourite royals stepping out in it. Lucinda Jordaan tracks the Veldskoen story.  If ever there was a case for celebrity endorsement, Veldskoen has it. The innovative start-up, [...]

Customers as brand ambassadors

Social media helps brands to connect and become more engaged with its target audience. Of course, there is a difference between customers who (out of love for it or habit) use a product without promoting it, and customers who promote and post about their favourite brands and products on social media. A major goal for [...]

Quality assurance in higher education

Quality assurance in higher education institutions has become a major strategic issue.  Defining “quality assurance” is not that simple as it depends on the stakeholders and is based on internal processes. In most cases, institutions are also quality assured by external quality assurance agencies. The Analytic Quality Glossary defines quality assurance as ‘the collections of policies, procedures, [...]

Six important tips for effective logistics management

What do you think about when you hear the word “logistics”? If you think it’s the transport of goods from point A to point B, you’re half way there. What does Logistics mean? Logistics is the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation. A supply chain comprises all the activities associated with the flow [...]

These shoes were made for walking the road to success

Watching IMM Graduate School’s Pearls of Wisdom video, one can’t help but feel a stirring sense of the opportunity, excellence and success of the institution’s brand. Michael Bratt takes a look at the campaign. There’s a reason shoes are a recurring motif in the latest IMM Graduate School’s marketing campaign. And it’s not just because [...]

How can you successfully create a digital marketing plan for your firm?

With the modern digital landscape and consumers almost always online, its increasingly important for marketers to include digital channels in their marketing plans. Unfortunately for most, the digital marketing space remains overwhelming and too often efforts are sporadic or knee jerk instead of planned and deliberate. Understanding how to approach planning for digital marketing is [...]

Four big trends driving agility in market research

Every business wants to be ‘agile’ in today’s hyper-accelerated world. But what does that mean? Fast, iterative and adaptive agile research is a non-negotiable for companies moving into the next era of innovation work, says Nick Coates. The Agile Manifesto was developed by frustrated software developers in 2001. Instead of document driven and heavy processes, [...]

How to ‘wing it’ as an ‘accidental’ project manager

You get into the elevator and your boss says, “Can you just run this project?”. You say yes, of course, but now what? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could snap our fingers and Voila! things – just – happen? In the real world, it doesn’t work that way. Organisations must use projects to drive [...]

Why does it have to be new year’s resolutions?

Mid-Year registrations at the IMM Graduate School can set you up for success.  So many of us are stuck on the idea of  “New Year – New Resolutions.” The second the clock strikes midnight and we welcome in a new year, we also usher in a flurry of new goals and aspirations. At the IMM [...]

Marketers Making Waves – Lulu Mthimkhulu

Lulu Mthimkhulu was recently appointed head of marketing for PRIMEDIA Broadcasting. She previously had her own company, LuluM Communications, handling clients such as Tbo Touch and TouchHD. What is the life quote you believe suits you best and why? “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead [...]

Understanding Strategic Brand Management

Brand terminology and marketing jargon baffles even the most seasoned marketers. In today’s post we attempt to clarify commonly confused terms like branding, marketing and marketing communications. What is Marketing? If you are confused by ‘what marketing is?’ it’s because marketers often define what they do differently. The definition that makes the most sense to [...]

Marketing gold at the tips of mobile fingers

Opinions offer brands an opportunity to tap into the minds of consumers who now, more than ever before, demand authentic communication and transparency from the makers of the products and services they use, writes Tanya van Tonder. Access to social media has elevated consumers over corporate marketing. Armed with their smartphones, they have a powerful [...]

The impact of the product lifecycle on business logistics

According to Jooste (2014), marketing is defined as “… the process by which organisations satisfy the needs of consumers by creating, communicating and delivering value for customers in the form of ideas, goods and services to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships, in ways that benefit both organisations and customers”. Pienaar and Vogt (2012) posit that business [...]

Why ‘millennial’ is not the buzz word of 2019

Market research is an ongoing process. However, it is only useful and valuable if relevant. There are hundreds of articles about Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z but they don’t quite hit the nail on the head. We set out to explore what Joe Public refers to as ‘generation fluid’. Gain new insight into [...]

The influencer equation: LIP = Lust + Investment + Proximity

One book every marketer should have on their bookshelf is Influence by Robert Cialdini. The author writes extensively on the six principles he believes underpin ‘influence’ –reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity. And in 2016, he added a seventh: unity. The unity principle posits that the more we identity with others, the [...]

Social Media Management

Social Media has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives  Social media is constantly evolving and has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives – keeping up with it isn’t an easy task. Of course, social media isn’t just for personal use -it has become an integral part of digital marketing and can help a [...]

Business Management as a career

Every operation needs skilled business managers in order to succeed in the cut-throat industry, whether it’s a major corporation or an independent business. Business management is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions all with the potential to become high-level executives. Only motivated, organised personalities will thrive in business, where environments are [...]

Death of all salesmen: Waiting for the final curtain to fall?

In February 1949 Arthur Miller’s most famous and now much celebrated play, Death of a Salesman first opened at the Morosco Theatre on Broadway. The story focuses on the last 24 hours of salesman Willy Loman's life, tackling major themes including loss of identity, superficial ideals and a man's appetite for accepting change within himself and society. [...]

The scope of a Digital Marketing Career

Marketing is an integral part of any business, so it makes sense that only the best of the best would be tasked with the responsibility of creating awareness and promoting a brand. It’s a highly lucrative career, but only if you have the right skills and training. Of course, there’s no shortage of guides and [...]

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity: Why project management is essential in a VUCA world

Some fifteen years ago I received an amazing gift. On the first of May of that year, I started as a regional manager with a company involved in a merger. I received three things: my new laptop already set up to start working, a printer in a box, and a file. In the folder were [...]

Finding a balance between volume, cost and quality

Finding a balance between volume, cost and quality  How often have you heard the Sales Manager screaming for more high quality leads, while in the background the Financial Manager is demanding cheaper leads and higher conversions? For Digital Marketers that have bravely ventured into the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it would appear that [...]

Corporate reputation management

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care Tracy Porter   For many PR people, we live with the everyday fear of an incident causing a reputation disaster. Where daily tasks grind to a halt, where the days become longer and the weekends shorter - as we tend to [...]

A disconnect between what Marketers do and what organisations think they should do

Tracy Porter I have often said it: “Everyone in the organisation is a brand ambassador,” “every employee owns marketing,” “the CEO is the face of the organisation” and more. Am I perhaps sending the wrong message into the organisation? Am I not fighting the marketing case strongly enough? In essence the above is correct and [...]

The revolution has been digitised

The revolution has been digitised  Three dynamic personalities, each of whom have taken the concept of digital disruption and melded it according to their particular creativity and experiences, gave delegates to the IMM Graduate School’s last Marketing the Future event of 2018 plenty to think about. The IMM Graduate School reconnects with past and present [...]

What is the IMM Job Market

This initiative aims to match current as well as past students (alumni) with employers who have vacancies in their organisations. As the IMM Graduate School mainly offers qualifications in marketing, business and supply chain, we would be looking at vacant positions, internships and graduate programmes in these disciplines only.   HOW DOES IT WORK? External [...]

It’s all about engagement

At IMM Graduate School we are on a mission to engage with our students. Whether you are an alumnus, current or prospective student, we want to ensure effective communication between us. Not only do we want to keep you in the know regarding news and events at the IMM, but we also want to keep [...]

Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business Moral or ethical problems can and do arise in a business environment. Ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility should be common practice in any business. Here we provide seven principles of ethics that can be applied as a starting point to ethics in business. These seven principles of ethics in business include: [...]

Context is king for Africa’s business consultants

Africa doesn’t need another consultant… says the career consultant. But I think this statement is true for various reasons. The African consulting landscape comprises global and local consultants who position themselves as experts in subject matter, innovative thinkers, corporate entrepreneurs and so much more. They sit in client offices/businesses, professing they have what it takes [...]

The brand of YOU!

The brand of YOU! There are many books published on the subject of personal branding. These range from “You are a Brand” by Catherine Kaputa to “Can I wear my nose ring to the Interview?” by Ellen Gordon Reeves. What all these books have in common is the importance of creating an image for yourself [...]

SA Brand Management – The Bachelor inspires

SA Brand Management - The Bachelor inspires Long-running reality TV series, The Bachelor, delivers an abject lesson in brand management. The bachelor is the consumer and the contestants the many products working tactically to become the chosen one. The collision of so many different women in a dramatic attempt to find love is not that [...]

Kenya’s retail sector diversifying amid a changing market

Kenya’s retail sector is diversifying with the entry of new players and international brands into the market. This is despite the retail sector growing at a “lethargic rate” compared to economic growth in the East African hub in 2018. The retail sector has been impacted by increases in taxes and government regulations following the drawn-out [...]

Distance Learning with IMM Graduate School

Have you asked yourself where you want to be in five years’ time? That’s a question we ask ourselves throughout our lives.  Probably the most common answer is to secure your future and have a well-paid job, or in many instances, running your own business. Of course, the trigger here would be to have graduated [...]

What’s next in Africa starts now

In recent years many companies have struggled with the accelerating pace of change within Africa’s dynamic landscapes and have been unable to adequately anticipate and evolve to capture the inherent growth opportunities on the continent, writes Ailsa Wingfield. Companies have been blindsided by challenges, competition and other factors that warranted reassessment within thier own businesses, [...]

Delving into the African truth

To truly get to grips with marketing to the modern African consumer it is essential to realise that you are appealing to a “peculiar” audience. Throw away the theories and rules that you thought you knew and spend more time studying the behaviour of these consumers. “It is no longer about building a product or [...]

Marketers must live their brand positioning

South Africa’s banking sector is facing significant disruption from new technologies, changing consumer habits and aggressive newcomers. Perhaps innovative marketing is the answer. Mike Simpson chats to Nedbank’s Khensani Nobanda. As South Africa’s traditional ‘big four’ banks struggle to meet the challenges being posed by multiple disruptors – ranging from upstart Capitec to the digital-only [...]

Interview with Pepe Marais

Co-founder and owner of South Africa’s largest independent advertising firm Joe Public, Pepe Marais’s recently published book Growing Greatness is part autobiography, part account of the rise, fall and rise of Joe Public, and part how-to guide to discovering the deeper purpose of a business. Tracey McDonald proposed I write a book about entrepreneurship. One [...]

To disrupt or not to disrupt? That is the question

We are living in times of change and unpredictability, and this social milieu translates into a drive to disrupt. Disruption is in vogue within the marketing fraternity and is frequently the go-to for almost every brand strategy. This creates hype, but how many brands actually disrupt their market landscape? More importantly, is it in every [...]

Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine)

Boardroom Bingo relieves the tedium of those seemingly aimless and endless management meetings like nothing you’ve tried before – other than a Valium smoothie. The Boardroom version is just like regular bingo, except that instead of someone calling out random numbers printed on ping-pong balls, you mark your card whenever a piece of hideous business [...]

The critical need to improve South Africa’s logistics

The heads of IMM Graduate School’s supply chain and export management believe the future could be in the hands of the young logistics professionals, a view backed up by experts speaking at the recent Transport Forum held at Stellenbosch University.   “Can a logistician be referred to as a professional?” ask Dr Beverley Waugh and [...]

Creating sustainable relationships with key clients

Relationships are the key differentiator in the 21st century and brands failing to respond to this will ultimately succumb, write Professors Mari Jansen van Rensburg and Angelo Nicolaides.   Gone are the days of closely guarded designs and confidential pricing structures. Today, it takes a few clicks to download and compare. Markets are global and [...]

Technology and convenience define the new face of retailing

Retailing in South Africa is changing dramatically, with the evolution being led by technology and a greater need for convenience. The ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its latest issue (Issue 2 2018) that, in an environment where consumer demands are becoming ever more sophisticated, retailers have turned increasingly to digital technology for solutions. [...]

MTN remains SA’s most valuable brand

MTN’s brand value has grown by 8% over the last year to R44.2-billion, maintaining its leadership as South Africa’s most valuable brand, according to the latest report by Brand Finance, the independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy. MTN’s brand value grew primarily because of customers spending more on data services, consistent with a global trend [...]

What matters when marketing to modern moms

Mothers are a powerful and discerning group of consumers, whose diversity demands nuanced consideration by marketers. But, asks the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ in its latest issue (Issue 1 2018) are brands listening to moms? While statistics are hard to come by and consumers are still regularly presented with clichéd images of smiling, supportive [...]


Companies looking to choose a distribution partner in countries on the African continent face a number of notable challenges – but none of them are insurmountable, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its latest issue (Issue 1 2018). Quoting from a Boston Consulting Group study entitled 'Drawing a Route to Market for Multinationals [...]


Creating relevant content that assists and entertains your target audience has become increasingly important for marketers, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its latest issue (Issue 1 2018). “Content strategy isn’t Facebook,” writes content marketing expert Pabi Rampa. “Facebook is just one of the many channels of content strategy. The others are blogs, [...]


The key role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is to look beyond mere marketing and rather focus on the wider growth of the business, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its latest edition (Issue 1 2018). Writing in his regular column, US-based academic, Professor Michael Goldman says that ‘Forbes’ business magazine’s second [...]


Is it credible that there’s a form of entertainment destined to be bigger than the global movie industry – yet South African consumers and marketers remain largely unaware of it? This is a question the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ seeks to answer in its latest issue (Issue 1 2018).There is, says local marketing executive [...]


While Facebook continues to dominate the social media scene for South African brands, many companies get more bang for their buck on Instagram, which also has more influencers than expected for its size. By contrast, Twitter, which has a similar audience size, has negligible engagement compared to Instagram. However, many brands have an audience on [...]

Radio still has a strong future as a marketing medium

Like every other traditional media platform in South Africa, radio is evolving and facing a host of new challenges in an effort to remain relevant and continue to be a viable consumer channel for marketers and their agencies, says the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’, the official publication of the IMM Graduate School. In its [...]

Make savvy use of your online sales channels

Selling inventory online, whether it’s hotel room nights or electronic gadgets, is a complex process – even more so when you’re doing it via a third party, reports the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ in its latest issue. In an article written for the magazine, Noëleen Bruton, Director of Marketing for the Tsogo Sun Group, [...]

Why Africa’s consuming class has potential for marketers

Rather than focusing only on Africa’s middle class when considering the potential of the continent, marketers may be well advised to look at the grouping known as the consuming class – those who spend more than US$10 per day.In an article written for the latest issue of the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’, senior Nielsen [...]

Retail giants get set to slug it out

Having long held sway in the top end of South Africa’s food retail market, Woolworths is finally facing a serious challenge to its dominance. It comes from none other than Shoprite’s Checkers retail brand, which has traditionally targeted sales at a lower end of the customer scale, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in [...]

Strategies for targeting the African middle class

When targeting the middle class consumer in sub-Saharan Africa, marketers need to be aware of a number of key strategies, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its latest issue. Quoting the results of the African Lions study conducted by research company Ipsos and the Unilever Institute of the University of Cape Town, the [...]

How to design and market a true luxury brand experience

Creating a top-end global luxury brand requires a very specific set of actions in order to build the desired image and consumer emotion, reports the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ in its latest issue. The magazine quotes a study by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Germany, which identified several key things [...]

IMM Graduate School launches new online short courses aimed at upskilling and maximizing time

South Africa, Johannesburg, 12 February 2018: The IMM Graduate School is pleased to announce the launch of a range of online short courses in Marketing & Advertising, Business Management, Supply Chain Management and General that run from eight to 15-week durations. Aimed at growing, sharpening and complementing current skillsets, these courses will commence on 1st [...]