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IMM Graduate School Parktown

Study Marketing or Supply Chain Management at Parktown with HyFlex Instructional Approach.

HyFlex learning allows students to take control of how, when and where they study. This is the future of education!

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Choose from several flexible learning pathways to attend lectures and tutorials in our uniquely designed smart classrooms.

Learning happens when students are self-led, active participants in their education. HyFlex combines Face-to-Face and Virtual learning. Depending on location, students have access to in-person lectures, real-time streaming of those lectures, or completely remote, self-paced study.

  • Spacious Studios
  • Information Centre
  • Free WiFi

Face-to-Face. Virtual. Your choice.

We are located at Number 2, 3rd Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Parktown offers all three of the HyFlex learning pathways:

Parktown students have the choice of either pathway. Local students may choose to further blend their learning, by combining Face-to-Face and Virtual. This means a student may attend in person one day and online asynchronously the next! This is how flexible study allows you to achieve your goals regardless of schedule and professional commitments.

Higher Certificates, Degrees and Postgraduate Qualifications

in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Higher Certificate in Marketing

Wanting to step into a Marketing career? Our Higher Certificate in Marketing provides students with a broad but elementary knowledge of marketing as well as business concepts, and guides students through the entry-level application of these concepts. It further provides students with the basic knowledge to structure the organisation effectively to deliver products and services, providing value to customers, motivate purchases and fulfil customer needs.

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Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Our Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management is an IMM Qualification on NQF level 5 and is quality assured by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). You can complete this qualification in a year, but if life gets in the way, you have 4 years to wrap it up.

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Higher Certificate in Project Management

Our Higher Certificate in Project Management is an IMM Graduate School qualification on NQF level 5 and is quality assured by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). You can complete this qualification in a year, but if life gets in the way, you have 4 years to wrap it up.The Higher Certificate in Project Management is designed to give students the skills needed to manage and lead projects while also creating long-term value for organisations. After completing this programme students should be able to apply the necessary project management tools, techniques, and principles to successfully carry out operational projects within the specified scope, quality standards, cost, and time.

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Diploma in Marketing Management

Wanting to step up your position in the Marketing industry? Our Diploma in Marketing Management will instil and broaden your marketing knowledge, business management knowledge, and the application thereof, in terms of the principles, theories, thought-schools, methods and application processes involved in the various -fields required in the core marketing management function.

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Marketing and Management Science

Our BCom Degree in Marketing and Management Science is well respected in the marketplace as it equips students with practical skills in all areas of business and marketing. Unique to our BCom is the choice to major in Supply Chain Management, Project Management or Sales Management. All three of these majors are aligned to skills shortages for qualified experts in these fields, which makes our graduates extremely employable.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing Management

Wouldn’t you love to have graduate-level knowledge, specific skills and applied competence in the field of Marketing Management? Our BBA Degree in Marketing Management will enable you to pursue a practical and rewarding career in the marketing and business environment. Your competence in marketing, business management and financial management will fast-track you to management level.

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BPhil Honours in Marketing Management

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that students effectively understand and implement the set of decisions and actions that will result in the formulation and implementation of a strategic marketing plan, designed to achieve an organisation’s objectives. This will involve the planning, directing, organising and controlling of marketing strategy-related decisions and actions.

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in International Supply Chain Management

This one of a kind BCom degree is designed to turn you into a competent leader with applied knowledge and skills in supply chain management, international trade, transport and logistics, financial management, business management, project management and marketing. Right from the start you will have a choice of three streams, which allow you to further specialise in either public procurement which focuses on supplier relationship management and strategic sourcing in the public sector, procurement which allows you to specialise in supply chain operations and relationship development or transport and logistics which is specific to international logistics and logistics management.

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Honours in Supply Chain Management

Our Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Supply Chain Management is an IMM Graduate School qualification on NQF level 8 and is quality assured by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). You can complete this qualification in a year, but if life gets in the way, you have 4 years to wrap it up.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

Expand your insight into marketing with our Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management. It’s time to build some more practical skills onto your undergraduate qualification. Learn application from idea conceptualisation to the development, launch and maintenance of marketing plans and programmes. With this qualification you will be able to contribute to the achievement of the strategic business objectives of your organisation.

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Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Marketing

Our Master’s programme will equip you with specialist knowledge of various research methodologies and expose you to advanced marketing models and theories in a very practical way. You will be able to use your superior knowledge of sourcing marketing intelligence and initiating research to collect and leverage the data at your disposal.

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Student Benefits

As a self-motivated student you have the freedom to study in the way that best suits you.

“Tell me and I’ll forget.
Show me and I’ll remember.
Let me do and I’ll understand!”
– Confucius

  • Customise your education to fit your specific needs.
  • Whether you attend lectures Live Virtually or Face-to-Face, meet with a diverse group of students during classroom activities.
  • Subject experts guide you to discover new knowledge about your preferred field of study.
  • Interactive study guides, live streaming into active lectures, eDiscussion Forums, a sense of community among a diverse group of students, are made possible by innovative technology.
  • Participate in continual dialogue with Live Virtual and Face-to-Face students during the course of a lecture.

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