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Life at IMM

Life at IMM

Campus Life

Sales Indaba 12 13 March (49) Web
Sales Indaba 12 13 March (38) Web
Milpark SSC Celebrates Valentine's Day (6) Web
Sales Indaba Event (24) Web
Milpark SSC Celebrates End Of Exams And Another Successful Year (6) Web
Business Day Dialogues Supply Chain   The Next Frontier (146)
IMM   Marketing The Future Event JHB (36)
IMM  Marketing The Future Event JHB (17)
Marketing The Future   Cape Town Event (22) Web
IMM Stellenbosch Open Day (7) Gallery
Marketing Fridays 5 April (34) Web
IMM Stellenbosch Open Day (5) Gallery

Academic Support

The objective of your education is to take you to new places. Its purpose is to enrich your life and increase your opportunities. Your education should teach you to combine your knowledge and ideas in interesting ways, so that you can critically interrogate the world and continually discover new things. This is especially relevant in the business world. At the IMM Graduate School we believe that the purpose of studying is not merely to convey information to the student, but to produce a forum conducive to critical analysis.

This is a challenging task that can only be achieved if all role players are engaged. To achieve these goals, you must be exposed to different kinds of teaching styles and learning media, with each possessing its own advantages, encouraging you to engage in numerous discussions, for the content to challenge your assumptions, and for you to learn to reframe your perspective. Throughout the learning process you will be asked to question your understanding and to challenge stale ideas and knowledge. It is in this manner, in humility, that our knowledge empowers us to take action and make a difference.

Examination Venues

South Africa Africa United Kingdom
Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg Central, Birch Acres, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Windhoek (Namibia), Ezulwini (Swaziland), Lusaka (Zambia), Bulawayo and Harare (Zimbabwe). Oxford
Private invigilation is available for students who live more than 150kms from an examination venue, as well as students who choose to study overseas.


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Online Resources


This online learning platform facilitates learning anywhere and anytime, by providing a user-friendly and convenient place to access learning materials, including the Learner Guide, Pacers, Past Exam papers, and Assignments. eLearn bridges the challenges presented by distance learning through the use of technology.

ProQuest One Business database and ProQuest Ebook Central (eLibrary)

This is the virtual library where you can peruse additional reading material and conduct research for your assignments, projects and research reports. ProQuest One Business provides access to peer reviewed academic journals, articles and other academic sources covering Marketing, Management and Logistics. ProQuest Ebook Central provides credible content with a breadth and depth of ebooks from scholarly sources, including University Presses and other top publishers. Subjects covered are Business, Management, Economics, Education, Computer Science and much more.

Student Portal

This is a platform where you can source assignment results, exam results, and exam confirmation letters. You can also update your personal details, monitor and follow, your account information.

Online Tutorials

In the online tutorials, a subject matter expert shares their knowledge through the use of a presentation or video-conferencing, addressing learning outcomes, assignment preparation, and exam preparation, giving ample opportunity for student feedback and interaction. These are recorded and uploaded onto eLearn, allowing you to refer back to the tutorial when preparing for your assignment or exam.

Online Chats

These are online question and answer chat sessions, giving you the opportunity to ask subject-related questions and receive immediate feedback and advice from an expert. These chat sessions are also uploaded onto eLearn for you, where you can access them at anytime should you have missed the live session.

Other Supporting Resources

Information Centres

The IMM Graduate School has information centres at the Student Support Centres (SSC’s) with textbooks, online resources and additional materials to help you with your assignments when you need to reference additional sources. These centres also provide free internet access to students.

Academic Staff

Faculty members and tutors are on hand to guide and offer advice telephonically, on email or via one-on-one appointments.

Weekend Tutorials

These sessions are scheduled each semester before the assignment due dates, and towards the end of each semester before exams. The tutorials focus on problems or difficult areas as identified by students, and review work prior to the assessments.

The Journal of Strategic Marketing

The Journal of Strategic Marketing is the official publication of the Institute of Marketing Management, keeping you up to date with local and international marketing trends and marketing news. The magazine is available electronically on eLearn, and offers case studies and well-documented examples of marketing-in-practice that may be used to substantiate your your theoretical knowledge in your assignments.

Study Materials

Study Guides

The Study Guide for each module is used in conjunction with the prescribed textbook. The purpose of the Study Guide is to ensure that the key learning outcomes are stipulated per study unit ensuring the student is fully aware of what they will be required to know, in order to successfully pass the module. The Study Guide also provides additional background material, and encourages practical application of the key academic module concepts through the use of examples and short exercises.


At the start of each semester you will be supplied with a list of prescribed textbooks. The textbooks form the core knowledge-base for the module.


The module pacers set out the target dates for completion of the module content. These allow you to follow a structured study strategy, providing a framework to master the overall module content and assisting with the timeous completion of formative assessment submissions, while keeping the examination season in mind. The pacer also provides the student with a condensed overview of the entire module on a page or two.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check back regularly to stay up to date.

Past Events

IMM Graduate School Africa Day – 25 May 2023

The IMM Graduate School Research Hub hosted a webinar in celebration of Africa Day on May 25, 2023.

On The Move  –  Channel Africa  –  15 May 2023 10:22

Listen to our broadcast on Channel Africa where we talk about the Africa Day webinar hosted by the IMM Graduate School.

Hot 1027 Business  –  Hot 102.7 FM  –  18 May 2023 18:08

Listen to our broadcast on Hot 102.7 FM for a thought-provoking segment on the topic of “Focus on SA relations with BRICS”.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Andrea Kraushaar

Andrea Kraushaar Andrea Kraushaar, Research & Insights Director at Youth Dynamix presents the topic “Is it time to declutter the under 16 advertising space?”

IMM Postgraduate Information Evening

Find out about the Postgraduate course offerings from the IMM Graduate School. Q&A Evening with Faculty.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Debbie Pearson

 Debbie Pearson The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Wendy Monkley

 Wendy Monkley Digital Marketing and "She'EO" at Digital Content Lab Download presentation here

Stellenbosch Open Day – 30 January 2021

  IMM Graduate School welcomes prospective students with open arms into our new Stellenbosch Campus on 30 January 2021 for our Open Day. We cannot wait to see the IMM family grow!

IMM Graduate School Online Open Day – 16 January 2021

 Considering a future in Marketing, Supply Chain or Business? Then watch our online open day recording!

IMM Graduate School Online Open Day – 28 November 2020

 What to know more about IMM Graduate School? Then watch our online open day recording! Hear from our academic team on the qualifications we offer in Marketing and Supply Chain management as well as our unique teaching methodology.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Ari Seirlis

Ari Seirlis The Analogy of Fly-fishing to good business strategy.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Francois Nel

Francois Nel. An Import/Export expert guide to getting your goods to the International Market. Download presentation here

Virtual IMM Fridays – Cobus Visser

 Cobus Visser. LinkedIn tactics to harness for better engagement and lead generation.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Thomas Oosthuizen

 Thomas Oosthuizen. COVID: The force of nature or the force of choice? Download the presentation PDF here

Virtual IMM Fridays – Christel Fourie

 Christel Fourie. Working differently: Practical insights for stepping up in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Rabia Carvalho

 Rabia Carvalho. Fearful to fabulous - Shifting from anxiety and fear to goals and purpose.

IMM Graduate School Online Open Day

 Our CEO, Dalein van Zyl, will tell you more about the IMM Graduate School, and share some exciting developments planned for the institution. Angela Bruwer – Academic Head of Faculty will briefly discuss our range of qualifications in marketing and supply chain management, as well as IMM’s unique teaching methodology. Faculty will also take [...]

Virtual IMM Fridays – Anisa Fielding

 Anisa Fielding IMM Graduate School: Lecturer & Short Courses Corona – Not to be mistaken for a virus! What’s in a name? A curse or an opportunity.

Virtual IMM Fridays – Marzia Stropoli

Marzia Storpioli. IMM Graduate School lecturer: Supply Chain Management. Dior's shift from designer clothes to designer face masks. How Supply Chain re-invent themselves to survive this pandemic.

Hoërskool Garsfontein’s school expo in Pretoria

The IMM Graduate School team working hard at Hoërskool Garsfontein’s school expo in Pretoria on Tuesday the 3rd of March

Harare information session 2020

Congratulations to Gertrude Mupapa who won her first semester with the IMM for free during a draw at the Harare Information Session on 22 January.

IMM Graduate School announces first Lifetime Achiever Award to Professor Zak Nel

South Africa, Johannesburg, 6 May 2019: The IMM Graduate School is pleased to announce the the recipient of the first Lifetime achievement Award, presented at the recent Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony in Johannesburg on Thursday, 28 March 2019, to Prof Zak Nel. Established in 1948, the well-renowned and reputable provider of higher education has [...]

IMM Graduate School announces “Class of 2018’ top achievers

South Africa, Johannesburg, 6 May 2019: The IMM Graduate School is pleased to announce the top achievers for 2018. Established in 1948, the well-renowned and reputable provider of higher education has provided industry endorsed, distance learning professional qualifications for more than 30 years and enjoys a solid history of assessing, delivering and conferring degrees, diplomas [...]

Marketing Fridays – 05 April 2019

Content marketing in the age of Digital

Registration Day

Pretoria Student Support Centre welcomes students attending Registration Day

Mandela Day 2018

IMM Graduate School staff proudly participated in Mandela Day 2018, and raised at least 100 packs of sanitary pads for girls who can’t afford these basic necessities, in honour of Tata’s 100th birthday. Photos of Stellenbosch Student Support Centre staff - proudly participating Photos of Milpark Student Support Centre staff - proudly participating Photo of [...]

Information Session – Johannesburg 2018-06-04

IMM Graduate School is stepping up our qualifications. Students attended an info session held in Milpark, Johannesburg on Mon, 4 June to find out about exciting curriculum changes for 2018 semester 2.

Information Session – Zimbabwe 2018-06-02

IMM Graduate School is stepping up our qualifications. Students attended an info session held in Harare, Zimbabwe on Sat, 2 June to find out about exciting curriculum changes for 2018 semester 2.