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Revolutionising Digital Marketing: Rogerwilco’s AI-Based Neuroscience Product

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Staying ahead in the digital marketing game is incredibly important for both agencies and brands, and this is what Rogerwilco is trying to do. Rogerwilco, a top-notch digital customer experience agency, is leading the charge into a whole new era of marketing. They’ve teamed up with Ergon Neuroscience to bring in a new, high-tech tool called Neurons. Its AI meets brain science, and it’s going to turbocharge the impact of creative marketing and make campaign tweaking easier than ever before.

Neurons is a game-changer, a real breakthrough in the world of digital marketing and making your ads pop. Thanks to their partnership with Ergon Neuroscience, Rogerwilco now has this advanced tool that can predict how people will react to visuals with incredible accuracy. No more old-school A/B testing—Neurons does the heavy lifting, helping pick out the best ad images that will really hit home with your audience.

Charlie Stewart, the CEO at Rogerwilco, really hammers home how much of a game-changer Neurons is for their daily grind. By tapping into this tech, they’re making sure their clients’ cash is spent wisely, getting the most bang for their buck with campaigns. With people being bombarded by ads left, right, and centre, grabbing attention and making an impression is tough. But Neurons? It’s like having a crystal ball, helping marketers craft campaigns that really hit home with their audience.

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And let’s talk about Ergon Neuroscience’s treasure trove of data. Over two decades of digging and gathering info from a whopping 120,000 people? That’s the foundation of Neurons’ power. This data goldmine dives deep into brain waves, eye movements, behaviours, and feedback. Kevin Skillicorn, the CEO over at Ergon Neuroscience, can’t help but brag about Neurons’ prowess, boasting a staggering 95% accuracy in predicting how consumers will react. Neurons doesn’t just boost visibility; it ensures that ads stick in people’s minds, completely shaking up how campaigns are optimised.

Rogerwilco has seen real advantages from using Neurons in their work, with better results in social campaigns and website conversions. Stewart talks about how Neurons really improves user experience and boosts conversion rates, making a big difference in digital marketing. As Neurons gets better and better, with more advanced data analysis and reporting, it marks a new phase in predicting consumer behaviour. This change shows a move towards more data-focused, scientifically proven marketing approaches, raising the bar for how campaigns are run.

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By blending state-of-the-art tech like Neurons with solid marketing qualifications, digital marketers can stay ahead of the game and achieve impactful outcomes in a fiercely competitive arena. Rogerwilco’s integration of AI-based neuroscience signals a dedication to innovation, paving the way for the future of digital marketing. With the right tools and expertise, marketers can unleash fresh levels of creativity and effectiveness, shaping the path ahead for the industry.