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2020 Late registrations are still open! Click here to Apply Online
Registrations for semester 2 extended to 7 August. Register Today!
The Pretoria office line (087 898 8471) is down. Please call 064 046 9619 or email amandac@immgsm.ac.za for any enquiries.

Stellenbosch and Cape Town SSCs’ Tutor get-together

IMG 20180730 WA0006
IMG 20180730 WA0008
IMG 20180730 WA0010
IMG 20180730 WA0016
IMG 20180730 WA0017
IMG 20180730 WA0025
IMG 20180728 WA0005
IMG 20180728 WA0007
IMG 20180730 WA0004


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