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Higher Certificate in Project Management

Higher Certificate in Project Management

SAQA ID: 118438

Our Higher Certificate in Project Management is an IMM Graduate School qualification on NQF level 5 and is quality assured by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). You can complete this qualification in a year, but if life gets in the way, you have 4 years to wrap it up.
The Higher Certificate in Project Management is designed to give students the skills needed to manage and lead projects while also creating long-term value for organisations. After completing this programme students should be able to apply the necessary project management tools, techniques, and principles to successfully carry out operational projects within the specified scope, quality standards, cost, and time.
Qualification: NQF level 5. 135 credits
Duration: Min. 1 year. Max. 4 years.

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Programme Exit Level Outcomes

Once you have completed your degree you will be capable of:

  • Demonstrate an elementary understanding of literacy with respect to academic writing, technology, numeracy and communications. Identify and apply legislation and organisational policies and procedures relevant to the core processes appropriately to a given situation.
  • Display a complete but broad scope of knowledge in the field of project management and be able to link project management activities to the functioning of organisations. Evaluate a project to develop the scope of work, provide accurate cost estimates and to plan the various activities through the project phases.
  • Associate and describe within a business context the systems within which organisations operate and be able to link these to business opportunities. Demonstrate an understanding of risk management analysis techniques that identify the factors that put a project at risk and to quantify the likely effect of risk on project timescales.
  • Explain the typical elementary methods and procedures involved in project management. Identify the resources required for a project and to produce a work plan and resource schedule as well as managing the documents that comprise the baseline plan.
  • Explain the theories typically applied in the field of project and business management. Distinguish between the different types of projects and follow the stages needed to negotiate an appropriate contract, and develop a project plan and change control systems to integrate the various project elements.
  • Solve elementary project management and business problems in organisations. Identify best practice relevant to operational responsibilities in terms of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Access, process and apply elementary business information, considering ethical behaviour.


The Higher Certificate in Project Management is offered as a basic entry-level business qualification at level 5 of the NQF (HEQSF aligned) and consists of 135 credits. The Higher Certificate in Project Management comprises seven modules:

Core modules:

  • Academic Literacy (AL101C – 15 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Business Management (FBM101C – 20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Business Numeracy (FBN101C – 20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management: An Introduction (FUPM101C – 20 credits)
  • Project Planning: Integration and Constraints (PPIC101C – 20 credits)
  • Project Planning: People and Risk (PPPR101C – 20 credits)
  • Project Management: Tools and Documents (PMTD101C – 20 credits)

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