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Online resources

Online Resources


This online learning platform facilitates learning anywhere and anytime, by providing a user-friendly and convenient place to access learning materials, including the Learner Guide, Pacers, Past Exam papers, and Assignments. eLearn bridges the challenges presented by distance learning through the use of technology.

Emerald Insight (Virtual Library)

This is a virtual library where you can peruse additional reading material and conduct research for your assignments, projects and research reports. Emerald Insight provides access to peer reviewed academic journals, articles, and other academic covering marketing, management and logistics.

Student Portal

This is a platform where you can source assignment results, exam results, and exam confirmation letters. You can also update your personal details, monitor and follow, your account information.

Online Tutorials

In the online tutorials, a subject matter expert shares their knowledge through the use of a presentation or video-conferencing, addressing learning outcomes, assignment preparation, and exam preparation, giving ample opportunity for student feedback and interaction. These are recorded and uploaded onto eLearn, allowing you to refer back to the tutorial when preparing for your assignment or exam.

Online Chats

These are online question and answer chat sessions, giving you the opportunity to ask subject-related questions and receive immediate feedback and advice from an expert. These chat sessions are also uploaded onto eLearn for you, where you can access them at anytime should you have missed the live session.