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IMM Graduate School’s Learning Pathways is a student-centred model that offers virtual and face-to-face instruction, allowing you to study from anywhere and choose a learning approach that best suits your individual lifestyle needs.

The IMM Graduate School is the distance learning provider of choice and aims to be the centre of excellence for marketing, supply chain and business disciplines in Africa.

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“Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business as seen from the customer’s point of view.”
Higher Certificate in Marketing
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Diploma in Marketing Management
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BBA in Marketing Management
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BCom in Marketing and Management Science
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Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management
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BPhil Honours in Marketing Management
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MPhil in Marketing
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Supply Chain
“Only 27% of leaders believe that they have the talent needed to meet current supply chain performance requirements.”
Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management
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Higher Certificate in Project Management
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BCom in International Supply Chain Management
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BCom Honours in Supply Chain Management
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Why IMM Graduate School?

The IMM Graduate School is a leading blended learning institution with a worldwide footprint and foundational campuses in Southern Africa. If you aspire to be an expert in Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management, you’ve come to the right place.

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Success Stories

  • DJ Twasa

    Lesedi FM & Event MC
    Diploma in Marketing Management - 2013

  • Cleo Zwane

    Senior Marketing Manager: Standard Bank
    Diploma in Marketing - 2005
    BBA Degree (Marketing) 2009

  • Tracy Porter

    Marketing & Communications Specialist: Wings Travel Management
    Diploma in Marketing - 1999
    Postgrad Diploma in Marketing - 2007
    Master's of Philosophy in Marketing - 2016

  • Roeshdien Jaz

    Musician & Speaker
    Diploma in Marketing - 1999

  • Mamolefe Segakweng

    Head of Marketing & Communications: SABC Channel Africa
    Diploma in Marketing - 2005
    Postgrad Diploma in Marketing Management - Current

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