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Why choose a career in supply chain management

Why choose a career in supply chain management

The IMM Graduate School offers a BCom degree in Marketing and Management Science, which is designed to focus your studies on marketing and supply chain management. This degree combines the marketing function and associated strategic functions such as distribution, transport and logistics, and project management, with a strong focus on the interface between Marketing and Supply Chain activities.

When you graduate with this degree you will be equipped to fulfill a management role in the industry, in either a marketing function or one of the supply chain specialisms. You will be provided with specialised marketing and supply chain management knowledge, as well as the skills to apply that knowledge in the workplace.
BCom in Marketing and Management Science graduates of the IMM Graduate School are poised to pursue a career in many areas, including these listed below:

Inventory Management Operations
Procurement Efficiency analysis
Distribution Transportation
Customer Services Business-to-Business Marketing (B2B)
Quality assurance Demand planning
Sourcing Channel design

The BCom degree in International Supply Chain Management, also offered by the IMM Graduate School, has a focus on management of the specialisms that form part of modern supply chains.  The degree includes Procurement and Transport & Logistics as optional fields of study as well as Supply Chain Management within globalised networks.  Students of this programme are provided with the knowledge and skills to position themselves in any of the supply chain disciplines listed above.  The aim of this programme is to create scenarios where students learn from real events, understand the underlying theory and develop solutions that can be applied in any industry.

Graduates have the opportunity to further their studies with the BCom Honours in Supply Chain Management that provides the opportunity to investigate and explore problems in a business or its supply chain, and to develop recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles.

The IMM Graduate School also offers the Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management which is designed to prepare students for entry into the degree programmes.

All the IMM Graduate School’s qualifications equip you with a strong foundation in business management, preparing you through both your studies and work experience, to start your own business or to become a senior executive, such as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) or a Chief Operating Officer (COO).