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HyFlex Instructional Approach

Face-to-Face. Virtual. Your choice.

The HyFlex Instructional Approach is a student-centered model that combines the terms “hybrid” and “flexible.” It facilitates Face-to-Face (F2F) and Virtual class attendance, simultaneously.

The HyFlex approach allows you to study from anywhere and select the best learning approach to suit your individual lifestyle needs. You are given a choice on how you wish to participate in your learning journey and engage with the study material using the learning pathway that works best for you, during your studies with the IMM Graduate School.

The virtual student is provided with exactly the same learning and teaching opportunities as the student in the physical classroom. Students are able to attend class either in-person or online in real time – allowing our students to achieve the same learning objectives.

Learning Pathways

The IMM Graduate School makes it easy for you to choose where and when you want to study, whatever your individual needs and preferences. Choose from several flexible learning pathways to attend lectures and tutorials in our uniquely designed smart classrooms.

Meet up with other students in your area and elsewhere and be a part of engaging lectures and tutorials, in-person or virtually in the same active classroom. Learn from experts in Marketing or Supply Chain Management wherever you are.

HyFlex table

Student Benefits

As a self-motivated student you have the freedom to study in the way that best suits you.

“Tell me and I’ll forget.
Show me and I’ll remember.
Let me do and I’ll understand!”
– Confucius

  • Customise your education to fit your specific needs.
  • Whether you attend lectures Live Virtually or Face-to-Face, meet with a diverse group of students during classroom activities.
  • Subject experts guide you to discover new knowledge about your preferred field of study.
  • Interactive study guides, live streaming into active lectures, eDiscussion Forums, a sense of community among a diverse group of students, are made possible by innovative technology.
  • Participate in continual dialogue with Live Virtual and Face-to-Face students during the course of a lecture.