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Study Materials

Study Materials

Study Guides

The Study Guide for each module is used in conjunction with the prescribed textbook. The purpose of the Study Guide is to ensure that the key learning outcomes are stipulated per study unit ensuring the student is fully aware of what they will be required to know, in order to successfully pass the module. The Study Guide also provides additional background material, and encourages practical application of the key academic module concepts through the use of examples and short exercises.


At the start of each semester you will be supplied with a list of prescribed textbooks. The textbooks form the core knowledge-base for the module.


The module pacers set out the target dates for completion of the module content. These allow you to follow a structured study strategy, providing a framework to master the overall module content and assisting with the timeous completion of formative assessment submissions, while keeping the examination season in mind. The pacer also provides the student with a condensed overview of the entire module on a page or two.