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The difference between a Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in International Supply Chain Management

In today’s interconnected global economy, without well managed supply chain systems, businesses will struggle and eventually die. With the rapid expansion of international trade and the growing complexity of logistics networks, professionals in the field of supply chain management are in high demand. Aspiring supply chain managers looking to enter…

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Readiness: Unlocking success in academia and the workplace

Being ready is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development for tertiary education students and working professionals alike. It sets the foundation for success and allows individuals to navigate their academic journeys and careers with confidence. One way to get ready for the working world of marketing, supply chain…

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6 personal goals to advance your career and step up in life

Personal goals can have a significant impact on your life like influencing your attitude and accountability. They can help you to become more effective in your life. Setting these goals means deciding where you want to be and making a plan to get there. An example would be setting career…

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