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How you can use short courses to develop your marketing skills this year

A career in marketing means daily challenges in a highly competitive environment, be it from your competitors or peers. To truly succeed, marketers need to constantly improve and acquire more on their skills to stay on top of their game. Those with a drive for self-improvement, will be rewarded with new opportunities and promotions. Those that do nothing but go about their day-to-day tasks will be left behind.  Short courses are the answer Short courses are designed to be a quick way to top up your knowledge on a specific topic. They range in duration from one day…

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How to pivot traditional marketing skills into practical digital marketing skills (2021)

In a world that is continuously evolving, adaptability is a key characteristic. Adaptability is the ability to constantly adjust to new conditions. Since the Internet was first introduced, there has been a massive change in marketing. Businesses are no longer only using older, traditional ways to advertise their products or services. They are having to radically shift towards a more modern way which is being driven and fueled by digital technology. In order to remain relevant as a marketer, those with a background in traditional marketing have had to pivot their skills to make them valuable resources again, but…

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What is marketing and why choose it as a career?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word marketing? Billboards? TV ads? Flyers? Many organisations are reluctant to invest substantial amounts of money into marketing as they often don’t understand the full host of benefits that it offers. Marketing isn’t just about promoting brand awareness. And it is much more than just selling. In fact, Marketing is one of the foundational pillars for building a successful, sustainable business. The primary objective of marketing is to identify and satisfy, or exceed, the ever-changing needs of consumers. By looking at this broad primary objective, it…

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