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Supply chain trends expected for 2024: Opportunities with IMM Graduate School’s supply chain qualifications.

The realm of supply chain management undergoes constant evolution, moulded by technological progress, global occurrences, and shifts in consumer expectations. As we approach the year 2024, it becomes increasingly crucial for practitioners within this domain to maintain their competitiveness by envisioning and adapting to emerging patterns. Within this composition, we shall explore the principal currents anticipated in the sphere of supply chain for the year 2024, concurrently illuminating pathways for career advancement presented through the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in International Supply Chain Management programme at the IMM Graduate School. 1. Digital Transformation Supply chain management is experiencing…

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IMM Graduate School – Catering for Every Student’s Needs and Personalities

At the IMM Graduate School, we cater for every student no matter their needs or personalities. With our array of study options, we give our students the flexibility to make the most of their time with us. Find out which type of student you are and see just how the IMM Graduate School caters to you. Are you a Real-time Rick? Rick is a traditional student who loves to soak up the campus atmosphere. He often spends hours in the resource centre or the chill zone, catching up on the latest trends and sharing with friends. He values the convenience…

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