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Benefits of online short courses (2021)

Will a short course take your career to the next level? The job market is becoming increasingly more competitive regardless of the industry you are in, this means that having a certain expertise is no longer sufficient and to truly thrive in your career it is recommended to take an approach of continuous learning. There is nothing employers seek more than employees who are committed to self-improvement. If you are adamant to take your career to the next level, there is no better way to do it than online short courses. What is a Short Course? A short course…

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5 Reasons why brand management is important

$84.02 Billion US Dollars – the brand value of Coca Cola in 2020. 1.9 billion – The estimated number of Coca Cola sales per year. 94% – the percentage of the world’s population that can explain what the Coca Cola logo is associated with – joy and happiness. So, what’s the key to Coca Cola’s longevity and resilience? Brand management! What is brand management? Brand Management is a series of techniques that increases the perceived value of a product, service or brand over time. Successful brands are built on the foundation of a meaningful brand strategy…

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