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10 ways e-commerce businesses can overcome supply chain disruption

In recent years, the resilience of the e-commerce supply chain has been tested like never before. One of the biggest challenges has been the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in prolonged lockdowns and disruptions worldwide. The issue of global supply chains has received a lot of attention recently. Consumers have been advised to start shopping for the holiday season early due to inventory shortages and shipping delays, with some shoppers reporting minimal or even empty shelves in retail stores. Businesses, too, are feeling the pain of supply chain disruptions as they face everything from difficulties in procuring needed supplies to…

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How e-Commerce stores have started opening up physical stores and physical stores went digital

Over the past few years, e-Commerce has picked up significantly around the world as people are opting to find more convenient and in a lot of cases, cheaper ways to shop. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of e-Commerce was exponential globally (read more about that in our blog “How Covid-19 increased consumerism despite many losing their jobs and streams of income”). The push to go digital has been great for brick and mortar stores. Snap lockdowns, social distancing rules and globally the risk factor of going out for non-essentials (and even essentials) continue to pose a risk…

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Blooming Business – NETFLORIST

Blooming business: NetFlorist has a rich, 20-year e-commerce history NetFlorist was the talk of social media on this year’s Valentine’s Day, for all the wrong reasons. But this was just a blip on the e-commerce company’s history. Michael Bratt spoke to the company’s managing director, Ryan Bacher. Having geared up for 45 000 deliveries on the day of love, load shedding and heavy rains severely impacted NetFlorist’s operations. Non-delivery of orders or the delivery of sub-standard gifts left many consumers fuming, and they weren’t shy about relaying their experiences on social media. The backlash was handled very professionally by…

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