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Influencer culture in South Africa

Being an influencer or content creator was not always seen as a real or serious job, but that has drastically changed in recent years. A study found that influencers and content creators earned over R100 million between 2019 and 2021 on only one social media platform. The influencer culture has changed the way brands and marketers do business and this is why being an influencer has evolved from being a side hustle to the main hustle. What is an influencer? An influencer, also known as a content creator, is someone who has the power to affect the opinions and…

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What is an influencer and how you can spot a fake one

Social media is constantly evolving and has become so integrated into our personal lives that many people start their day by scrolling through their social media feeds to read the latest updates. From a business perspective, a social media presence creates brand awareness and a connection between the customer and the business. However, there is a different side to social media, where an individual can reach an almost celebrity status by establishing credibility within a specific community. Social media influencers have followers in a particular niche with whom they interact on a daily basis. An influencer is able to…

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Influencers: Superheroes or Supervillains?

Scrolling through my Instagram timeline I came across yet another self-proclaimed influencer flogging what seemed to be the millionth product in as many days. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and instead of being influenced in a positive way and loving the product, I was annoyed… not only with the person who posted it, but also with the brand. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and because of this the word ‘influencer’ has gotten a bad rep in recent years. Influencer marketing is still quite a new concept in South Africa, and it makes sense that we’ve been…

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