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Admission Criteria for Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Honours in Marketing Management

Admission Criteria for Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Honours in Marketing Management

  • An appropriate NQF level 7 qualification from an accredited provider of higher education, with majors in Marketing.
  • Students should have achieved a minimum of 65% for Marketing on an NQF level 7. In addition students should have achieved at least 60% for one other Marketing module on an NQF level 7.
  • A CV and motivational letter are required.

Options for student who do not meet the above criteria:

  • Graduates from the IMM Graduate School as well as other educational institutions who fulfill all other admission criteria except the minimum mark for Marketing and one other Marketing module on NQF level 7, will have the opportunity to re-enrol/enrol for Marketing 3 and one other Marketing related module (on NQF level 7).
  • Students will have one semester to complete the access module. Once these modules have been completed and the student has achieved the grades as specified above, the student qualifies for admission to the Honours programme.

Applicants are required to complete the Postgraduate Application form for admission for the BPhil Honours in Marketing Management, which together with certified copies of educational certificates, identity/passport documents, a letter of motivation and a CV, should be returned via eMail or hand deliver.

A non-refundable deposit (see fee structure) must accompany the application form. Applicants may be required to attend a selection interview at the discretion of the IMM Graduate School.


Individuals studying in the field of marketing can access this programme. The purpose of the proposed programme is to target senior marketing managers to ensure they effectively understand and implement the set of decisions and actions that will result in the formulation and implementation of a strategic marketing plan, designed to achieve an organisation’s objectives. This will involve the planning, directing, organising and controlling of marketing strategy-related decisions and actions.

At a senior level, managing activities internal to the organisation are only part of the manager’s responsibilities. The senior manager must also respond to the challenges posed by the organisation’s internal and external including international environments. To deal effectively with challenges that effect the growth and profitability of the organisation, the marketing manager must implement processes that will optimise the competitive position of the organisation by maximising the anticipation of environmental changes and unexpected internal competitive demands. Although the scope of marketing management is quite broad, it is very important for a senior marketing manager to be able to produce and implement a strategic marketing plan, the basis of which normally depends on a substantial marketing research component.