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How does leadership styles impact the performance of an organisation?

Managers and other business leaders may not always realise and recognise it, but they are the ones who drive employee performance in an organisation. Part of the job description is driving team success, ensuring a positive work environment, being able to answer employee questions, and solve their problems. Many managers are able to do this, but when a crisis appears or they are put under pressure, the performance of the organisation may suffer if their leadership style does not suit the situation. What are the different types of leadership styles? Autocratic leadership: This type of leadership style creates a clear…

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The making of a leader – do you have what it takes?

The making of a leader – do you have what it takes? Leadership means different things to different people and is impacted by both the application (organisational, political, military etc.) and the execution (the personality of the leader). Regardless, the role always involves making logical and sometimes difficult decisions. The Business Dictionary defines a leader as “a person that holds a dominant or superior position within their field and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others”. While this may be the official definition, there is so much more to a leadership role such…

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