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Unveiling the Hidden Heroes: How Supply Chains Shape Our Everyday Lives and Unlock Career Opportunities

Behind the scenes of every product we use, every meal we eat, and every package we receive, there is a complex network of interconnected activities known as the supply chain. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished goods, supply chains play a crucial role in shaping our everyday lives. In this blog, we will unveil the hidden heroes of the supply chain industry, explore its impact on our daily experiences, and discover the vast career opportunities it offers. Whether you’re a student deciding on a career path or a professional seeking new horizons, the world of supply chain management…

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How do cyber threats impact supply chains?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains have experienced strains and shortages. Products and supplies, specifically raw materials, are low in stock and availability, which has increased the demand and the prices. This affects all components of the supply chain, from shipping companies to logistics businesses to ports. These strains and shortages do not only choke supply chains, but they also expose supply chains to potential cyber threats. This article will explore how cyber threats have and will impact supply chains. What are supply chains? A supply chain can be described as a network between suppliers, companies, and…

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