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IGTV Views are Suddenly Skyrocketing: Is It Finally Becoming Cool?

In July 2018, Instagram announced a new platform that would “change the social video landscape” forever: IGTV. Standing on a stage with influencers and YouTube celebrities, Instagram founder and former CEO Kevin Systrom declared that it was “time for video to move forward and evolve.” Vertical video was the future and it was time for everyone to get on board with IGTV, the next big thing and expected rival to YouTube. But the IGTV hype did not last long, and low views combined with the extra effort of creating vertical video led many creators and brands to abandon ship and…

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So, what’s up with vertical videos?

Should marketers be producing videos in vertical orientation? We look into this relatively new trend and bring you into the frame. Why vertical? Videos have traditionally been shot in landscape (horizontal) orientation and for good reason to, the human eye tracks better on the horizontal plane and most videos were viewed on a computer monitor which has a landscape orientation. So why the sudden move to portrait (vertical) videos? The obvious answer is smartphones. We naturally hold them in a vertical orientation, and this is how 98% of people see their social feeds. Where did it all start? Not…

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