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Beyond the Screen: Why AI Shouldn’t Write Your Assignments

The infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) into diverse parts of our daily existence has gained traction due to progress in technology. From virtual aides akin to ChatGPT to sophisticated algorithms like recommendation systems, AI has indeed revolutionised numerous sectors, providing effectiveness, convenience, and ingenuity. Nevertheless, amidst the growing dependence on…

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Business trends for 2020

The top trends predicted for 2020 that will propel business into the future 2019 has been a tough year for businesses in general with a sluggish 3.9 % global GDP growth (IMF Data mapper) and a meagre 3.1% growth in South Africa (StatsSA). In these tough times having a…

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AI: Should we be worried?

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and continues to develop still. Advancements in almost every field (more notably the medical and engineering industries) are largely affected and improved by ongoing technological developments. We are constantly confronted by artificial intelligence these days, whether you know it or…

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