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The ethics of social marketing

The potential value of data inspired British mathematician and entrepreneur in the field of data science and customer-centric business strategies. Clive Humby to claim “Data is the new oil.” And in the right hands it is. Here’s why. Because by using data, people can be manipulated. And that constitutes power. The recent scandal involving arguably the most powerful head of state and the largest social media platform is a perfect example of this. In what is considered one of the biggest data breaches the world has ever seen, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had for many years allowed 3rd party…

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Supply chains have been changed, possibly forever

The competition is no longer between brands or even between companies; it is between supply chains (networks). Supply chains in the time of coronavirus have changed, possibly forever. MARZIA STORPIOLI reports. Supply chain management has been likened to a philosophy, a concept rather than an essential service. Historically, companies relied on strong brands and good products to win over the consumer. Competitive advantage was gained by the organisation based on the strength of its brands and its reputation for quality products. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its inexorable march across the globe, supply chain management is no longer…

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