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6 personal goals to advance your career and step up in life

Personal goals can have a significant impact on your life like influencing your attitude and accountability. They can help you to become more effective in your life. Setting these goals means deciding where you want to be and making a plan to get there. An example would be setting career development goals that result in skills improvement. Let’s dive into what personal goals are and explore some you should put in place to advance your career and step up in life. What are personal goals? Goals are milestones you wish to achieve and often they are related to the acquisition…

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Kenya’s retail sector diversifying amid a changing market

Kenya’s retail sector is diversifying with the entry of new players and international brands into the market. This is despite the retail sector growing at a “lethargic rate” compared to economic growth in the East African hub in 2018. The retail sector has been impacted by increases in taxes and government regulations following the drawn-out elections of 2017, despite the Kenyan economy growing at a fast rate. GDP is expected to grow by 5.9% for 2018 overall, on the back of improved weather conditions and a stabilising macroeconomic environment. These are some of the key insights contained in the…

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What’s next in Africa starts now

In recent years many companies have struggled with the accelerating pace of change within Africa’s dynamic landscapes and have been unable to adequately anticipate and evolve to capture the inherent growth opportunities on the continent, writes Ailsa Wingfield. Companies have been blindsided by challenges, competition and other factors that warranted reassessment within thier own businesses, pointing to a growing need to incorporate future-focused insights and planning. In the past change was more linear, the world was less connected, and companies could prosper by  understanding their consumer, their industry and their market. More recently, however, change comes from a…

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