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Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age

Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age

Digital technology has disrupted traditional marketing models, forcing marketers to rethink how they develop and implement their marketing strategy. To help you with your transition into the new digital marketing era, we have created a Digital Marketing Strategy course series consisting of four online express courses that can each be completed individually. Each express course consists of one fast-paced module that can be completed in just one week and is followed by a quick quiz to embed your knowledge. On completion of each express course you receive an IMM certificate and skills badge.

 The first course in this series is an Introduction to Digital Marketing and Technology, which kicks off with a review of the relationship between the internet and marketing, and the most common tools marketers can utilise to advertise online.

Thereafter, we look at digital marketing communication and why it is important as new age marketers to create an integrated marketing strategy where online initiatives integrate and synergise with traditional offline initiatives.

We also review the micro-and market-environments in the digital marketing context and how exactly the internet has transformed the landscape in which companies operate.

In the digital marketplace intermediaries play a critical role, therefore a detailed review of competitors and suppliers in the digital marketing industry is also included.

The second course in this series is The Digital Macro-Environment.

This course is predominantly based on an analysis of the macro-environment. The digital world is transforming rapidly, and digital marketers need to be alert to the forces that are important in the context of their own trading environment.

By analysing the macro-environment or external environment, marketers are able to highlight opportunities and identify possible threats. We relook the use of the PESTLE model when analysing the macro-environment, again with a digital marketing lens, and review the political, economic, social, legal, technological and environmental factors that need to be considered when developing the new-age marketing strategy. We explain how each of these factors can directly influence the digital marketing operations of a business.

The third course in this series is Digital Marketing Strategy Development.

This course is all about digital marketing strategy development. We take you from the structure and formulation of a strategy to the implementation thereof.

The way people shop is changing due to the interventions of digital technologies and social media. This means businesses can no longer ignore digital channels. Regarding online strategies, merely a website is no longer enough for businesses. Marketers need to think about partnering with other online intermediaries and using other digital media channels.

Digital marketing strategy can be complex; therefore, many digital marketers have adopted the PR Smith SOSTAC strategy process model to guide them in the development of their digital strategy.

In this course we introduce you to the PR Smith’s SOSTAC planning framework and how to use it when developing your digital marketing strategy, including the following steps:

Situation Analysis – which means where are we now?

Objectives – which means where do we want to go?

Strategy – which means how are we going to get there?

Tactics – which are the details of strategy.

Action – Putting the plan to work.

Control – which means measurement, monitoring, reviewing, updating and modifying.

The fourth course in this series is Digital Media and the Marketing Mix.

When you think marketing, you think the marketing mix fondly known as the 4 P’s. Traditionally, the marketing mix gained popularity in an era where most businesses sold products. Service provision and the role of good customer service was largely ignored and the potential impact on brand development and the user experience was not clearly understood. Fortunately, in recent years we have added services marketing mix elements of People, Processes and Physical Evidence to improve our focus on customer service.

As digital marketers, we apply all 7P’s of the marketing mix when strategising and also add an 8th P to the mix, Partnerships. This course reviews in detail how each of these eight marketing mix elements can be applied to in the context of digital marketing and how they need to be adapted because of the internet and other digital technologies.

Sign up for this series of courses and bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing strategy. If you don’t upskill, you may be left behind.

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Supply Chain Management during the COVID-19 pandemicCovid-19 is here and it’s not going to disappear overnight. South Africans still have a long way to go in the fight against the corona virus before life returns back to normal. With the country in lockdown for 21 days, millions of South Africans are beginning to feel the pinch as businesses start to cut salaries and in some cases jobs.

Tammyn Gregory shared her story with us:

“I work in the hospitality industry. The emergence of Covid-19 in China and the steady spread across the globe already impacted our sector even before the first cases were reported in South Africa. The company I work for caters primarily for the international market and as a result, reservations were greatly impacted by the travel restrictions being put in place in Europe and other regions to combat the disease. Then, when lockdown happened the business was closed, and our salaries were cut. With no income, indefinitely, its hard to tell when or if things will return to what they were.”

Tammyn, like many others in this situation was devastated and at first felt hopeless, fearing not having enough money to meet basic monthly commitments. This reality hit hard. Fortunately, Tammyn realised she needed to do something to pull herself out of the hollow pit she found herself in. “I needed to do something to fill my time, and the first thought that came to mind was to use this time to upskill myself. I have always had an interest in the online space and how to use this to market and promote business. With marketing in mind, I decided to look into the IMM Graduate School, as I have often heard friends and family mention that they are the best in this field.”

The IMM Graduate School is a respected distance learning provider and is one of the few learning institutions that was not impacted by the lockdown. Students all over the world have been able to continue with their studies, uninterrupted online during this period. The IMM also decided to respond to this crisis proactively by unbundling some of the modules from their academic programmes into shorter online express courses to allow all those in lockdown to upskill themselves in preparation for future career challenges.

“I am so excited about the courses I have found on the IMM Graduate School website. I am suddenly facing these months of downtime in a totally different light and look forward to learning new things and growing in a different direction. The skills I gain from the courses I have selected will open all sorts of opportunities for me. I could apply this knowledge in my current place of work, but should it be necessary, I could move into a totally new and exciting venture running my own business in website design and digital marketing.”

There are 20 online express courses to choose from. Each one should take no more than a week to complete. They include video content, recorded lectures and a quick quiz. On completion students can unlock an IMM Graduate School skills badge to add to their LinkedIn profile.

Tammyn knows this is not going to be an easy journey for her, but she plans to be disciplined in her approach to her studies. “What really appeals to me about these courses through the IMM, is that I will be able to study from home and I have access to an online tutor if I need help.”

Unique to the IMM Graduate School, subject and industry experts that have contributed to the course content and development are also head tutors. This gives student the opportunity to receive feedback from experienced professionals as they progress through the course content.

“If I look at these circumstances that I have found myself in, perhaps this is the catapult that I have needed to steer me and direct me on a new journey.  I can’t wait to expand my knowledge and to let my creative juices flow.  I have extensive experience in my industry, and I know that the new skills I learn on this course will enable me to apply my knowledge in a new and exciting direction.”

Tammyn certainly is living for today, and planning for tomorrow. You can too. Get to the IMM Graduate Schools website and select a course that will catapult you into a new direction. Make your time in lockdown count!