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How you can use short courses to develop your marketing skills this year

A career in marketing means daily challenges in a highly competitive environment, be it from your competitors or peers. To truly succeed, marketers need to constantly improve and acquire more on their skills to stay on top of their game. Those with a drive for self-improvement, will be rewarded with new opportunities and promotions. Those that do nothing but go about their day-to-day tasks will be left behind.  Short courses are the answer Short courses are designed to be a quick way to top up your knowledge on a specific topic. They range in duration from one day…

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A successful selling career does not happen by chance, it is built by mastering selling skills

The Art of Selling Some people end up in sales by default, and feel they are not good at it. The truth is that the most successful salespeople in the world were not born that way, they are professionals who have spent time developing and practicing their skills. If you find yourself in a sales position, wishing you were better at your job, then we can help. In just six weeks, we will change your mind set and have you approaching your job differently. Sign up for The Art of Selling, our short online course…

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