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A successful selling career does not happen by chance, it is built by mastering selling skills

A successful selling career does not happen by chance, it is built by mastering selling skills

The Art of Selling

Some people end up in sales by default, and feel they are not good at it. The truth is that the most successful salespeople in the world were not born that way, they are professionals who have spent time developing and practicing their skills. If you find yourself in a sales position, wishing you were better at your job, then we can help. In just six weeks, we will change your mind set and have you approaching your job differently. Sign up for The Art of Selling, our short online course that will teach you all about personal selling, and what characteristics and behavioural traits make for a great salesperson.


This course will give you a better understanding of the selling cycle, including prospecting, planning the sales call, approach, presentation, closing and following-up phases of the cycle. You will also learn about the role of social selling using the Internet, why it is of importance and its impact on the selling cycle.

If you would like to know more about how to utilise verbal and non-verbal communication when selling, as well as how to influence the customer buying process through sales presentations, adapting, negotiating, and handling objections, then this course is perfect. You will learn about body language, psychological influences, and the various buying models of customers. Find out what motivates customers to buy and the importance of sales knowledge and various sources of information.

If you are new to sales, then The Art of Selling online short course is where you should start, click here.

Once you have completed the Art of Selling course you will have built a solid foundation of knowledge and will be well on your way to becoming a good salesperson. If you are interested in taking it to the next level and becoming an exceptional salesperson, we have developed another course just for you, High-Performance Selling Techniques is the course to help you fine-tune your knowledge gained from The Art of Selling course.

High Performance Selling leverages best practice from the industry and provides you with a sound understanding of practical selling skills using tried and tested methods.

High-Performance Selling Techniques

The solution to any sales problem is to improve your practical skills and the only way to do this is through obtaining the best training. Our High-Performance Selling Techniques course is a follow-up to The Art of Selling course and consists of 4 fast-paced modules that can be  completed within 6-weeks.

During this course you will gain valuable knowledge on how to efficiently manage your time, territory and yourself. You will be taught tried and tested prospecting skills, including how to prospect using technology and platforms such as LinkedIn.

By taking this course you will learn about the elements of a great presentation and learn some practical techniques to meet your objectives. You will be taught a practical approach to closing the deal in addition to the importance of quality service and follow-up service.

You will also gain skills for retaining customers and will learn how to turn follow-up and service into sales. Additionally, you will master the art of handling returns and complaints fairly and will be introduced to planning, staffing and training a sales force.

We are so confident in the techniques and skills that you will be taught during this course that in your last module we have included content on how to make the transition from salesperson to sales manager, what the requirements are in making the shift and an introduction to the functions of sales management.

If you are interested in making the jump from good salesperson to an exceptional salesperson and then to a sales manager, get training now. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our High-Performance Selling Techniques course by clicking here.