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Exploring the Latest Supply Chain Trends: Digitalisation, Sustainability, and Resilience

In recent years, the supply chain industry has seen a significant shift towards digitalisation, sustainability, and resilience. With the pandemic highlighting the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by global supply chains, companies are now investing more in technology, sustainability, and risk management strategies. In this blog, we will explore the latest supply chain trends and their implications for the industry. Digitalisation Digitalisation has become a key trend in the supply chain industry, with companies leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain to improve efficiency, visibility, and collaboration. These technologies are helping to automate…

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Five reasons to prioritise sustainability in your brand’s playbook

By Julia Wilson  Increasingly consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to discern between true commitment to sustainability and action taken just for show. And they’re not afraid to call out that lack of authenticity on social media, in conversations with friends, or in any other channel. This has made some brands hesitant – afraid of the brutal consumer backlash against well-intentioned efforts. Others are still sustainability sceptics. In our work with clients, I often hear, “Yes, consumers say they want sustainability, but will this actually boost my bottom line?” There is a wealth of evidence that proves…

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The practicality of strategy in retail

By Didy Andersson The world of bricks and mortar retail is on rocky ground. The likes of Edcon and Massmart, among others, have suffered locally, and globally brands such as New Look, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer are struggling. Those that are future-focused, having evolved, innovated and managed their efficiencies, are the pack leaders. Think Ikea, Target, Amazon, Alibaba. They have been nimble, relevant and above all they have launched imaginative products and services. They listen, and often co-create product line-ups with their consumers. The questions are: Do agency strategists have a role to play in this aggressive landscape?…

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