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Business Management as a career

Every operation needs skilled business managers in order to succeed in the cut-throat industry, whether it’s a major corporation or an independent business. Business management is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions all with the potential to become high-level executives.

Only motivated, organised personalities will thrive in business, where environments are often high-powered and stressful. Knowing how to deal with this stress will help you keep your cool—and keep your business running smoothly.

Do you think business management sounds like a good career? Here are six reasons why we think you should study business management:

  1. The skills are transferrable

Business studies equip you with a wide variety of valuable skills that can easily be adapted to just about any future career or job position imaginable. It also teaches individuals critical thinking, problem-solving in innovative ways, and time management, which are valuable skills in both personal and professional capacities. Some other skills you’ll learn include:

  • Presentation and report-writing
  • Resource management
  • Self-motivation
  • Interpretation of financial data

These are all valuable skills to have in any industry and will increase your chances of being employed.

  1. There are a lot of job opportunities

As mentioned, every industry needs skilled business managers to ensure the success of their business. Business management is such a wide field – there’s something for anyone. After finishing your BCom degree, you can chase some of the following positions:

  • City Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Executive
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Financial Officer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  1. It improves your communication skills

Business professionals are required to write reports, letters, and e-mails, deliver presentations or negotiate deals with customers. They also need listening skills and need to know the importance of body language. Once again, they are essential in any industry. Good communication skills are also crucial to teamwork, which is another requirement in the business industry.

  1. You will gain a Global Perspective

Studying business will force you to look at things globally, especially in today’s international economy. When you study business, you’ll have the potential to take your skills abroad and work for large internationally recognised businesses. This will not only allow you to gain valuable work experience but will also give you an in-depth look into how things are done internationally.

  1. It will challenge you

Business programs can be some of the most challenging programs out there – in a good way of course. When you finish your studies, you’ll emerge a more logical thinker, and you’ll have the knowledge you need to take on any number of challenges later in life (both personally and professionally).

  1. Specialise by combining skills

At IMM, it’s possible to combine a business program with another short-course of your choice. This way, if you’re interested in business but you also want to pursue a career in another field (such as marketing or supply chain), you can do one or more of our specialist online courses to obtain additional, more specialised skills.

Contact one of our consultants at info@immgsm.co.za for more information.

As a Business Management student, you will receive a well-rounded, broad-based education that equips you with the skills that are always in demand in the workplace. The different types of knowledge and training that you acquire from a BCom degree can also help you decide which particular skill you could possibly concentrate on for your future career. Whether you decide to pursue further studies in accounting, human resources or whichever direction you decide, a degree in Business Management prepares you for this.

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