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The 10 Most Important Qualities of Supply Chain Leadership

Effective leadership within supply chain has never been more crucial. Those who oversee planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and recycling, while guiding their teams through these pivotal tasks, are some of the unsung heroes of our global economy. With ongoing challenges like extreme weather, supply shortages, conflicts, pandemics, and more, organisations…

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Beyond the Screen: Why AI Shouldn’t Write Your Assignments

The infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) into diverse parts of our daily existence has gained traction due to progress in technology. From virtual aides akin to ChatGPT to sophisticated algorithms like recommendation systems, AI has indeed revolutionised numerous sectors, providing effectiveness, convenience, and ingenuity. Nevertheless, amidst the growing dependence on…

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Project Management: Life Skills That Can Also Boost Your Career

It has become even more important to acquire capabilities that go beyond conventional occupational boundaries. A particular domain of proficiency that holds immense value, both within corporate settings and personal spheres, is project management. The proficiency in devising plans, organising tasks, communicating adeptly, handling time efficiently, and resolving issues effectively…

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