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Using influencer’s influence in marketing

Influencers have become one of the greatest digital assets for digital and social media marketing in the past decade. The Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that the industry itself grew to a whopping $14billion in 2021 (read more here). The industry continues to grow and with the advent…

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Do consumers really care about corporate social responsibility?

In our previous blog, “Climate Change and how marketers can contribute to helping stop the climate crisis”, we highlighted several key reasons why marketers should look to increasing their corporate social responsibility to the planet not just behind the scenes, but within their marketing campaigns and creative ideas. This…

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Why are small businesses important for the economy?

It goes without saying that small businesses promote and encourage local entrepreneurship. But more than that, this article continues that, “Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, jobs for neighbours and gathering places for communities. They’re rooted in the landscape where they grow, and they give…

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