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Free marketing tools for small businesses

Online marketing tools have been a saving grace for many small to medium-sized businesses. Online marketing tools offer businesses the ability to automate repetitive tasks, collect data, optimise campaigns, and to improve organisation in general. These benefits assist businesses in reaching a broader audience to level the playing field between them and well-established businesses and companies. Although many online marketing tools have paid package options for businesses, many offer free versions of the marketing tool. This is extremely useful for start-ups and small businesses that do not have the budget for an expensive marketing tool or even a marketing team. If you have been on the search for some of the best free marketing tools, look no further!

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free marketing tool that shows businesses who visit their website and how their visitors engage with their website. This free software tool shows how many visitors there have been in any specific time period, how the visitors found the website, visitor demographics, and even the length of time spent interacting with the website. This information can be used to improve the business’ website and future marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a free marketing tool that deals with email marketing. Email marketing is a vital part of digital marketing as it has been proven to have a higher ROI than other digital marketing techniques. Mailchimp offers a free basic service until your business has 2,000 email subscribers which allow you to capture emails, manage email lists, schedule emails, and view engagement. Mailchimp also offers segmentation and personalisation, CRM tools, predictive insights, and form builders.


  • KWFinder

KWFinder is a free marketing tool that offers insights into which SEO keywords your business should use in the content being produced. SEO is a vital part of online marketing as it improves visibility and engagement online. KWFinder requires businesses to insert a ‘seed’ keyword which allows the marketing tool to provide additional suggestions, search volume data, online trends, as well as a ranking difficulty score for each keyword.


  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a free marketing tool that offers users insights into what is trending on social media. Businesses can then use this information to curate campaigns, posts, or content based on trends online. This will ensure higher engagement with the target audiences. The range of tools offered by BuzzSumo is keyword research, influencer search, content analysis, crisis management, and brand monitoring tools.


  • Hootsuite

In today’s day and age, a social media presence for any business is imperative. Effectively using and curating social media accounts can be timely, and this is where Hootsuite helps. Hootsuite is a free marketing tool that offers a central management platform for all the social media accounts of a business. Businesses will be able to schedule social media content and see how well they have been engaged with.


  • HubSpot

HubSpot, similarly to Hootsuite, is a free marketing tool that allows users to view all their marketing channels on one platform. This marketing tool also allows businesses to increase engagement and traffic, and the chance to obtain better ROI. HubSpot offers a range of tools such as optimised templates, live chat, content optimisation tools, email templates, marketing automation, analytics, and even social media management.


  • Canva

Canva is a graphic design and template tool which is perfect for all your visual marketing needs. This free marketing tools allows users to use high-quality graphics, add text, create attention-grabbing graphs, and infographics. Canva offers templates suited for social media, infographics, business cards, eBooks, and more! Users can use their own photos, or source photos while using the tool, all with no graphic design experience. Canva is a user-friendly tool that allows anyone to create their dream visuals using photo editing options, colour palettes, different fonts, and effects.