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Postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation, what could it get you?

Positions in the marketing field are vast and ever-changing as it evolves. This is why obtaining a postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation is able to open up an array of doors for you. Marketing encompasses a range of smaller fields, like advertising, PR, and digital design. Choosing to specialise in a range of the smaller marketing fields would be useful but sticking to one field is wise. For one, you will be able to become an expert in it faster. Here are the five most popular careers a postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation can get you.

    1. Brand Marketing Manager
      Postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation, what could it get you
      The duties of a brand marketing manager are to create, cultivate, and maintain the brand’s identity. Creating the brand’s identity involves creating the brand’s personality and how the brand is perceived. To do so, you would need to plan and consider the advertising, logos, fonts, colours used, and copy. If you, as a brand marketing manager, are able to successfully complete your job, you will be able to individualise and differentiate the product or service from its competitors in the market.This requires not only training but also skills like problem-solving and creativity. Brand marketing managers are often hired by creative branding agencies or operate in-house.
    2. Copywriter
      Online content, and offline content, are always in demand and this demand continues to increase as the internet evolves and expands. To write and curate content and copy that is in demand, you will need excellent writing skills. But if you would like to work as a copywriter in marketing, you would also need to have skills like being able to understand consumer behaviour and write copy that targets this.Copywriters in marketing write a range of copy. Examples of this are taglines, social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, and scripts for video and radio advertisements. As a copywriter, you also need to be able to work under pressure and deliver under strict deadlines. Copywriters in marketing work as freelance copywriters or in-house.
    3. SEM Specialist
      SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, is an important part of marketing as this increases the visibility of the brand on the internet. SEM specialists need to understand Google search algorithms and need to be able to place paid ads in spaces where they will get the most traffic. SEM specialists can focus on perfecting SEO, which is search engine optimisation. This practice aims to get more traffic to a website by improving the website’s copy with keywords and links. SEM specialists could also focus on becoming PPC (Pay per click) professionals who use paid online advertising to garner more traffic.
    4. Social Media Specialist
      Social Media Specialist
      Now more than ever, social media platforms shape the way customers view, experience, and interact with brands. Now, customers are able to form connections with brands from the comfort of their homes without even having to step into the shop. The duties of social media specialists are to have a grasp of social media platforms and know how the brand’s target audience interacts with the platform. This would allow you to create social media marketing strategies for the different platforms to increase engagement. Social media specialists also need to have additional skills like design and copywriting.
    5. Marketing Manager
      Marketing Manager
      A marketing manager needs the correct qualifications and a wide skill set to complete their duties. Marketing managers need to have a grasp of all areas of marketing to plan and execute marketing campaigns, have an understanding of Google ads and search engines, and have experience in social media marketing among other things.


As you can see, the marketing field is booming with a range of different and exciting job opportunities. All you need to do is obtain that postgraduate degree with a Marketing specialisation. If you are looking for a study opportunity like this, the IMM Graduate School offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Get in contact today! For more information go to: https://imm.ac.za/programmes/postgraduate/