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Content Marketing you should be using in 2023

Using different types of content marketing in marketing strategies is the way to go. It not only boosts overall ROI but also results in higher engagement and credibility in the industry.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing functions to direct traffic to a website by using content that is high in value and engaging. It also allows the content created to be shared over different social media channels with different audiences. Content marketing also functions to allow marketers to share information about the business or brand in an optimised way. An example of this would be using an infographic post to share statistics instead of a list of information.

Content Marketing you should be using in 2023


The different types of content marketing you should be using

  • Blog posts
    Blogs are arguably the most important part of a well-planned content marketing strategy. Blog posts function to generate organic traffic and can also be a space to share additional types of information and content. Research has found that businesses that use blogs have 3.5 times more organic traffic than businesses that don’t. The different types of blog posts that do well are guides that can be evergreen content, easy-to-read posts that cover a range of topics, how-to posts, case studies, as well as news blogs.
  • Video content
    TikTok has become the most popular website on the internet and seeing that TikTok focuses on video content, video content has become a very important part of a content marketing strategy. Social media users tend to prefer video content over other types of content as it is attention-grabbing, can offer sufficient information in a short amount of time, and is easy to digest. Marketers can outsource the creation of the video content to ensure that it is high quality. The different types of video content that marketers can use are webinars, vlogs, interviews, demonstrations, and branded videos.
  • Social media
    Social media is extremely useful in content marketing strategies. Social media can be used to share content such as posts as well as stories. It can also be used to increase engagement with content by sharing it across different social media platforms and other channels.Social media
  • Testimonials
    Many people prefer looking at online reviews and proof from real people about the products or services of a business. A way to provide this is by using testimonials in content marketing. Testimonials do not only function to tell a story, but also offer assurance.
  • Interactive content
    Much of the content online is static and not as engaging as it should be. To combat this, marketers should invest in creating interactive content. Interactive content does not only heighten engagement but also allows the customer to interact with a brand and make a connection. Examples of interactive content are quizzes, polls, games, interactive maps or infographics, surveys, and calculators. Interactive content like quizzes and polls have a dual function as businesses are also able to gain information about the target audience which can be used to improve a marketing strategy.
  • Infographics
    Infographics are a type of content marketing that offers a wide range of information while still being visually appealing and engaging. Marketers specifically use infographics to share a large volume of information while not overwhelming the target audience.
  • User-generated content
    Examples of user-generated content are social media posts, reviews, social media recommendations, and influencer content. Marketers can use their audiences to create this content. This would be beneficial as potential customers can be convinced and persuaded by user-generated content.

User-generated content


The bottom line

The content marketing that should be used in 2023 is not focussed around new trends or overly complicated but can be used to reach goals if done properly. Marketers should be educated about these techniques and attempt to use as many of them as possible to achieve the highest levels of engagement and reach their marketing goals.