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What does it mean to become an Associate of the Institute of Marketing?

The Institute of Marketing Management South Africa (IMM) is a leading marketing institute in Southern Africa.

The institute is known for being a space where marketing professionals and students can share thoughts and experiences within the rapidly changing marketing environment.

The IMM is also home to Associates who benefit from a range of products, services, and tools provided by the institute. We spoke to Irene Gregory, the CEO of IMM, to find out what being an IMM Associate entails.

What is an IMM Associate?

According to Gregory, an Associate can join in a corporate or an individual capacity. Regardless of the form of Associateship, Associates are offered a range of benefits and tools, which are:

  • Education in the form of short and express courses, workshops, and professional development.
  • Publications such as the IMM Quarterly and Strategic Marketing for Africa.
  • Events like IMM Fridays, Executive Think Tank, and annual conferences.
  • Awards like the Marketing Excellence Awards.
  • Recruitment opportunities from the IMM job market.
  • Partnerships.

The different types of Associateships at IMM

There are two different types of Associateships at IMM, which are Corporate Associateships and Individual Associateships.

Corporate Associateships

Corporate Associateships allow companies to reach success by networking through a connected marketing community. The IMM will ensure that these companies uphold best-practice marketing which will allow the companies to showcase their commitment to the marketing profession. There are three levels to the Corporate Associateships, which are Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Silver level costs R5, 000 per annum. This level has a range of benefits like a framed IMM affiliation certificate and a 10% discount on all IMM functions, events, and IMM Short Courses. The Gold level costs R9,000 per annum. This level has even more benefits than the Silver level, like a 20% discount on all IMM functions, events, and IMM Short Courses. The Platinum level costs R15,000 per annum. This level has the most benefits of all levels and offers a 30% discount on all IMM functions, events, and IMM Short Courses.

These different levels have things in common, which are:

  • The company is promoted at IMM events and online platforms.
  • They are listed in IMM’s newsletter and are a part of the recruitment platform.
  • Events and workshops allow the Associates to stay updated on marketing trends.
  • The Associates will gain insights into the industry.
  • The Associates will be able to network at events and special interest groups.
  • The Corporate Associates receive the Strategic Marketing for Africa publication.

Gregory recommends purchasing the Platinum level as it offers the most benefits and offers your company the most exposure at IMM events. But when purchasing a level, you need to determine what the needs of your company are and this will reveal which level will suit your company best.

Individual Associateships

Individual Associateships

Individual Associateships are available in the form of Professional Associateships and Professional Development Associateships. A Professional Associate gains a lifetime Platinum Associateship with IMM without having to pay any fees. To gain this they would have to have a marketing or business qualification, 10 years of working experience, and they would have to hold a senior position within their organisation.

A Professional Development Associate is gained by taking part in professional development activities where Associates move across three levels. These three levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. To obtain certification, Associates would need to complete a minimum of five activities each year. Each level has a range of benefits, with an increase in benefits as the Associates reach a higher level. Once an Associate has completed the Gold level (at least 15 activities) they would be granted a lifetime Associateship to IMM. Once the Professional Development Associate has completed 10 years of work in their field, they may apply for the Platinum level.

Looking forward

Gregory is looking forward to the annual tour where 20 IMM Associates will attend a conference at either one of the African bodies, which is a part of the African Marketing Confederation, or attend a conference in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in pursuing a Corporate or Individual Associateship at IMM, click this link and apply today!