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5 Proven Tips to Stay Motivated Mid-Academic Year

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Halfway through the academic year, it can be very difficult to continue studying with an eye on the curriculum, more so for IMM Graduate School students who are negotiating some tough courses in supply chain management and marketing. Maintaining focus becomes the key to delivering the grades when that initial burst of enthusiasm fades far into the background, and the hard work begins to stack up. This blog will detail successful study strategies and techniques to keep you on course and focus. These strategies will help you push beyond the common roadblocks and maintain the motivation to succeed in the classroom. Discover how IMM Graduate School can help you be your best self on the way to success; keep an eye on this space.

Regular Study Routines

  1. Create a Study Schedule

Setting a concrete timetable for study is among the most significant ways of keeping you motivated to study. Determine which times you are most productive and allocate the challenging tasks during these hours. Divide your study time into blocks with short breaks in between to avoid fatigue. Use digital apps, planners, and calendars to remember deadlines and scheduled activities. Review and adjust your planner to align with your career, work schedule, or personal life needs.

It keeps you on track and will not allow any room for procrastination, giving overall productivity a significant boost. Research by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information found that having a set schedule improved students’ academic performance by 23% (Fleming & Baume, 2006).

An organised study plan will work best for the demanding marketing and supply chain management programs at IMM Graduate School. It will help you get on top of your academic duties and staying motivated to learn.

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  1. Set Realistic Goals

Realistic goal setting is essential to keep you motivated. Begin by breaking big tasks down so they are more manageable. It wil lhelp you stay calm and monitor your progress. Using the SMART goal criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) is recommended. Remember to reward yourself when you reach your goals. Examples of these would be a snack or extra time to relax.

A study conducted by the American Psychologist magazine found that study performance can increase by 20% to 25% when goals are set for and given (Locke & Latham, 2002). The marketing and supply chain management programs that the IMM Graduate School offers can be challenging, but they become easily achievable by following these tips and setting realistic goals for yourself.

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  1. Use Effective Study Tips and Tools

Using good study tools will increase your ability to recall and stay engaged with the material. You can find the tools that suit your most preferred learning style. E-learning programs, or digital flashcards, will suite those who like interactive study methods. Other practical study tips for visual learners are mind maps, sticky notes, and highlighters.

You could also try the Pomodoro Technique. It recommends that you study for 25 minutes and then take 5 minutes of rest. Studies have shown that this method can enhance productivity by 15% (Cirillo, 2018). You can maintain your focus and handle the courses offered at the IMM Graduate School with less effort if you follow these study tips.

Stay Engaged with the Course Content

  1. Join Study Groups

Becoming part of a study group is likely to be highly motivating when it comes to studies. Through group work, gaining diverse views broadens your understanding of hard-to-grasp subjects. Groups make sharing materials and testing each other possible, and discussion of complex topics could make the process engaging and fun.

Study groups also develop one a sense of accountability due to the regular meetings held as colleagues, thus urging one to continue studying. They also offer moral support, which helps to reduce the pressure and strain as well as anxiety that results from complex tasks. Students who practice social learning perform highly academically and are likely to persist in their learning process, according to Johnson et al. (1991). The Supply Chain Management and Marketing degrees at IMM Graduate School can be challenging, but you can always make it easier by teaming up with a study group.

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  1. Get Assistance When Needed

It’s important to be able to recognise how important it is to ask for help when you find yourself unable to understand something or fall behind on your work and take immediate steps to fix these problems. Discuss problems with your lecturer or tutor to clarify any complex material with them. All these tools will provide information to help you solve problems and support you in not falling back from your progress. Group study with peers or joining in an online discussion may also interest you. Studies have found that students who make the effort to get help when needed are likely to be more successful (Karabenick, 1998).

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