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How has the marketing industry changed over the past few years?

Marketing has never been simple, but marketing was much simpler just a few years ago. The main objective of marketing used to be to create a smart, attention-grabbing marketing communication and then strategically place it to get as many views as possible. Today, marketers have to be much smarter and more intentional. Consumers are discerning and need more than a clever advert to be swayed.

In today’s climate, marketers need to have a good understanding of human nature. Striking graphics, catchy slogans, and good copywriting aren’t enough. Marketers need social insight to truly capture the attention of their target market. Continue reading to find out how marketing has evolved over the past few years.

The rise of social media

During the early days of social media, the online platforms were used to solely to keep in touch with friends and family, share funny posts, and keep your followers up to date with which coffee shop you visited before heading to work. Today, all social media platforms have become a media outlet and a space where businesses can market themselves.

Social media has taken the world by storm, with over 3 billion people being active across the different social media platforms. Brands and businesses can easily reach their consumers and target audience over social media if the marketing is done correctly.

The rise of social media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved

SEO, in its infancy, was not as important as it is today. Now, thanks to the Panda update in 2011, SEO is now a tactical tool used by companies to ensure that their content showsat the top of search rankings on Google and other search engines. The Panda update was an algorithm adjustment that functions as a quality filter for websites. Now, websites that are of lesser quality are filtered out. Google is known for changing its algorithm from time to time, and companies that have mastered the art of SEO have benefited from this change as it eliminates black hat SEO practitioners. Black hat SEO is a technique used where search engine guidelines are violated to manipulate search engine algorithms and boost a site’s SEO rankings.

Smartphones are the new supercomputers

Smartphones have the same capabilities as computers, which has drastically changed the way products and services are marketed. The ease and convenience of smartphones have allowed the internet to grow and evolve, which meant that marketing had to keep up with the growth. Now, websites are designed to be optimised for smartphones so that potential consumers have added ease and comfort when navigating the internet.

Smartphones are the new supercomputers

Consumers have shorter attention spans

Due to social media and the internet being filled with content coming from every corner, the consumer’s attention span has shrunk. Having access to information, entertainment, and the products and services we desire at the tap of a few buttons has shortened attention spans, which has made marketing so much harder for those behind the scenes. Today, marketers need to ensure that the content and campaigns produced are attention-grabbing and that the grabbed attention can be maintained. A good way to do this is create messaging that is relevant and on point, which gets them emotionally engaged. Once this happens, consumers will form a bond with a brand.

Gen Z

Gen Z is extremely tech-savvy and this means that marketers need to cater to them as one of the primary audiences. As Gen Z enters the workforce, they have the power and potential to be one of the most profitable generations of our time. Marketers have had to consider data, trends, and the needs and wants of Gen Z during the conceptualisation process to create effective and lucrative marketing content and campaigns.

Gen Z

The bottom line

Marketing has experienced a developmental boom in recent years with all thanks going to the evolution of the internet and social media. As the internet grows, marketing will have to grow to keep up and it will be interesting to watch what new trends and tactics enter the mainstream for marketers. If you are a marketer, and you are able to evolve and adapt to new situations and environments, you are sure to succeed no matter how drastic the changes in marketing are. For those wanting to upskill themselves, look no further than the Institute of Marketing where you can sign up for one of our fast-paced online short courses.