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Sunday Ted Talk – The human skills we need in an unpredictable world

Writer and entrepreneur, Margaret Heffernan says that the more reliant on technology we become, the less prepared we’ll be when faced with unexpected problems that may cross our paths. Heffernan says that we determine our own future and explains why mankind needs to become less dependent on technology to solve our problems and focus on improving our ‘human skills’ instead. Watch this thought-provoking TED Talk here:


  1. A top speech from Margaret Heffernan.
    An impressive and very coherent analysis of what many of us lack or have lost sight of because of reliance on technology.
    An app on your mobile can’t solve everthing. And everything can’t be solved in the present. It takes time and relationships in most cases.
    Margaret’s comment on parenting is but one example of many such of misguided reliance on technology.
    ‘Efficiency’ has become confused with, and is frequently directly associated with, the ‘bottom line’ and reducing costs.
    As a result we have seen much of what was regarded as ‘inefficient’ being stripped out of our organisations until they are skeletons of the former selves. Think of health care, scientific research and teaching to mention just three. And all seems well in the world until some step change or disaster comes along and they are found wanting.
    Political decisions based on an ideology such as the user pays have removed the ‘heart’ from many the outcomes. Rather than considering the welfare of all their citizens politicians frequently favour a select group to the detriment of most. This can be seen in the widening gap of wealth diftribution in many western nations.